🏆Why Choose Sonoran CMS?

Sonoran CMS manages your community's website, forums, document drive, whitelisting, in-game permissions, and more! Learn more about how Sonoran CMS can be your community's single point of management.

📂 CMS Document Drive

Manage your community's documents, spreadsheets, and presentations natively in the CMS!

Create and live edit documents to share with members based on rank. Sonoran CMS allows you to watermark documents as sensitive, organize files with folders, and more!

Create your own community website, all on your own domain!

Create custom pages with community information, multi-media, announcements, and more!

Sonoran CMS even allows you to add community forums for posts, discussions, and more!

Control your member's access to everything, just by changing a Discord role!

Or, manage Discord roles right through the CMS!

Create fully customizable member applications, forms for tracking, and more!

Whether it's your own patrol log system with automatic hour calculations, an extensive new member application, or a custom community form, Sonoran CMS allows you to customize it all.

Sonoran CMS is your single point of management for in-game whitelisting! Automatically whitelist players based on CMS rank for FiveM, Minecraft, Roblox, and more!

Sonoran CMS is the best way to ensure your community stays protected. Prevent banned users from ever applying or joining your community again with advanced alternate account detection. Or, easily filter and find user action logs throughout your CMS platform.

Sonoran CMS allows you to manage all GTARP user permissions with Ace Permissions Sync for QB and vMenu servers!

Sonoran CMS is your single point of management for your community!

Automatically add users to your Sonoran CAD community when you accept their application or manually grant a role!

Remove all the hassle of managing your community's Sonoran CAD permissions. Sonoran CMS is now your single point of management!

Sonoran CMS allows you to easily manage your community's Sonoran CAD permissions based on their Sonoran CMS rank automatically!

Sonoran CMS makes organizing community events easy! Manage member RSVPs, event information, Discord webhooks, and more!

📱Download the App

Learn more about accessing and downloading Sonoran CMS on web, desktop, and mobile devices!

It's never been more easy to manage your gaming community, regardless of your platform!

Only Sonoran CMS supports full i18n localization. Regardless of your community's native language, Sonoran CMS supports it! Sonoran CMS translations are made possible by our community contributors! Anyone is allowed to contribute to our GitHub translation files.

As shown in our changelog, new features, fixes, and suggestions are added all the time!

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