A whitelist system that utilizes Sonoran CMS's game whitelist system.
All players of your server must have their API ID setup and must be given a rank that has whitelist permissions for the specified server.
This resource utilizes API endpoints that require the plus version of Sonoran CMS or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.
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This resource is a whitelist system that utilizes Sonoran CMS's game whitelist system by checking against that whitelist upon each player connection.


1. Download the Resource

You can download/copy the script from here. If you plan to copy and paste I recommend viewing the raw version.

2. Install the Resource

Follow the standard resource installation guide for the whitelist resource, available here.

3. Setup Whitelist Permissions

Navigate to the Department Manager within the Administrative Panel.
Administrative Panel > Customization > Department Manager
Sonoran CMS Department Manager
For users in your Sonoran CMS community to be accepted through the whitelist, they'll need to be granted permission for the whitelist through rank permissions. You will need to grant each rank the permission of Allow Whitelist that you want to be allowed through the whitelist. You will want to grant each rank with the permission of Block Whitelist if you want them to be blocked from passing through the whitelist.
Block Whitelist will ALWAYS overrule Allow Whitelist If a user is granted both Block Whitelist and Allow Whitelist through various ranks they will be blocked from the whitelist. Block will always overrule allow.
Sonoran CMS - Department Manager Server Permissions

4. Add your API ID

Ensure all players have added their API ID to the CMS!


The top section of the script has various configuration values to set, below is a table explaining those values.
Value Name
This is the game server ID set in the CMS management panel.
This is the community ID that is found in the API Integration section of the management panel.
"REPLACE_THIS" (This must be changed)
This is the API key listed in the API Integration section of the management panel.
"REPLACE_THIS" (This must be changed)