Adding your TeamSpeak UID

Finding your TeamSpeak UID

  1. Press CTRL+I or CMD+I while in TeamSpeak to open the Identities popup

  1. Copy the Unique ID of the identity that you use to connect to your server (almost certainly the first one)

    • If your Unique ID isn't shown, click Show Advanced on the bottom of the identities popup

Adding your UID to CMS

  1. Open your Community Settings by using your profile dropdown on the top-left of your screen

  1. Paste your UID into the TeamSpeak UID input in the popup

    1. If the TeamSpeak section isn't shown, then that means your community hasn't setup TeamSpeak integration correctly

  1. Make sure you are connected to your server's TeamSpeak, then click Save TeamSpeak UID

  2. You should receive a message in TeamSpeak containing a code, paste the code into the new popup on CMS and click OK to verify that the TeamSpeak UID belongs to you

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