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v0.5.26 (Beta) 1/26/2023

The community Dashboard / Landing page has been completely reworked, this now allows for the full customization of the Custom Page Editor. Set any existing custom page as your community's dashboard page.
​Custom Page Editor​
  • New Page Section Type
    • Information Block
      • This allows for multiple blocks of information to be added to your page, each block allows for two customizable text options. This also allows you to dynamically populate the block with "Total Community Members" or "Total Department Members".
  • UI Improvements
    • Several aspects of the Custom Page Editor UI was reworked and improved.
  • Page Reordering
    • Page reordering is now handled through drag and drops actions instead of direction buttons.
  • Page Section Reordering
    • Page section reordering is now handled through drag and drops actions instead of direction buttons.
  • Default / Landing Page Toggle
    • Set a Custom Page as the community's Dashboard / Landing Page.
  • Handling for WS communication was changed to fix edge-cases with random disconnects.
Admin Routes
  • Accounts table within the Administrative Panel would populate despite having permission to view any admin pages.

v0.5.25 (Beta) 1/24/2023

  • Multi-Setup Sync
Sync your single Sonoran CMS community to multiple Sonoran CAD communities!
Navigation items on the sidebar can now be dynamically shown based upon permissions. Documentation explains how each navigation item is permission evaluated.
​Privatized Pages​
Pages can now be privatized and require permissions to view, this view type can be changed in the page editor.
​Available Forms UI​
The Available Forms area is now in a grid UI.
​Whitelist API​
Reponses have been fixed to be consistent and adjusted to provide reliablity to the in-game resource(s).
  • Individual Manual Sync
    • CAD Sync button located in the Account Settings dialog
Member's can now manually sync their Sonoran CMS account with the linked Sonoran CAD community, this will now sync all aspects of the account besides just permissions.

v0.5.24 (Beta) 1/12/2023

  • API ID Sync
Sync member's API IDs to the same user from your Sonoran CAD community, if they have a Discord account linked to their account it will sync that ID as well.
  • Auto Join CAD
All new members that join your community automatically join your Sonoran CAD community under the same user ID.
Through the newly added "Member On Join Settings" you can customize whether members join with "ACTIVE" status, if "ACTIVE" is selected you can customize a rank which they'll be automatically granted.
​Custom Forms​
  • Forms submitted would not be able to be replied to by the author of the form
  • Forms would not be able to be submitted at all
Department Permissions
  • Secondary rank permissions would not be evaluated correctly with roster related permission checks

v0.5.23 (Beta) 1/9/2023

​Discord Webhooks​
  • A new webhook option was added for when submitted forms get their stage changed, a new webhook option is added solely for this event.
​Page Re-ordering​
  • The ability to sort the position of the pages in which they appear in lists.
​Form Re-ordering​
  • The ability to sort the position of the forms in which they appear in Available Forms.
  • Dynamically show sections within your custom forms based upon conditions set that require to be met with the specified field.
  • Allow members to customize their community name's, this setting is community wide.
User Management
  • Users would not be able to unban any individual within their community's ban list.
  • Patrol log hours would miscalculate based on the forms that were submitted on-behalf of the account, on-behalf of another account, and regular submissions.

v0.5.22 (Beta) 1/3/2023

​Discord Webhooks​
  • Webhook preference would appear to not be "saved" when switching pages, data was not updated locally upon backend change.
  • When adding a roster row the previous chosen sort power would be brought to the next row you create.
  • Unable to view rosters after attempting to navigate from side smaller UI.
  • Creating a public forum topic would cause errors.
Permission Evaluation
  • Permission evaluation would not be completely considered upon specific page loads (Admin, Form Management, etc.)
Stage Actions
  • Email stage actions would show the button included in the email as "{button}"
  • When submitting a form under another individual's profile it will warn you regarding the form being submitted by the submitter and not the profile it's being submitted under.

v0.5.21 (Beta) 12/21/2022

​Forum System​
Several new changes have been added to the forum system;
  • ​Sub-Categories​
  • ​Topic Attachments​
  • ​Private Topics​
  • Discord Webhooks
    • A new section has been added to the Discord Logging Webhook editor, Forums. This allows webhooks to be executed on Topic Creation & Reply Creation.
Migration System
A new database and system migration system has been implemented to ease any updates to the entire system or the database, this will allow usage of the platform when updates are in progress. If a community has not yet been migrated from an update the community will be unusable until the community has completed it's migration.
Community Creation
  • Creating a community would be unreliable and not create the community
Discord Webhook Logging Editor
  • Fixed the reliability of Discord Webhook logging data to be consistent to what the data standard is
Community Toolbar
  • Header links with the community toolbar would only show on the "Dashboard" page

v0.5.20 (Beta) 12/12/2022

​Forum System​
Several new changes have been added to the forum system;
  • Improved UI
    • Forum Category Topics Table
    • Usernames within the Forum System will show with community name and identifier format as well as their primary rank if assigned
    • Several other UI improvements
  • Topic Reply Editing
    • You can now edit your own topic replies
Discord Webhooks
  • Webhook settings would not save depending on various authentication variables
Department Editor
  • Department Default Permissions would cause the editor to be unusable and causing data to not be saved if certain conditions were met
Custom Forms
  • Saving a edited submitted form would not complete and would just cause the client to hang without any notification or error
​Forum System​
Delete Topics permission section for forum category's has been moved to Manage Topics allowing that same permission section to handle topic deletion, pinning and locking. Delete Topics -> Manage Topics

v0.5.19 (Beta) 12/6/2022

​Forum System​
A new Forum System has been implemented; allows communities to create categories that can be used across multiple or individual custom pages in the form of a custom page section. Each category can have topics created within them, each topic can be removed and replied to. Permissions to create and manage topics/replies is handled by the forum category.
Form Stage Actions
  • Using both the "Modify Submitter's Community Status" and "Change Submitter's Department/Rank" stage actions on the same stage would cause data to be overwritten when each of them would execute.
  • Permissions viewing drive files would cause the data returned to be inconsistent with the data that should be returned.
Community Creation with Templates
  • Creating a community from a template that's data would cause the community to be over limits would cause none of the template to apply.
  • Viewing a roster would cause none of the roster data rows to populate.
Accounts Viewer
  • When viewing all of the user accounts in the community and changing the status filter to BANNED would not populate the user accounts table with the correct users.

v0.5.18 (Beta) 11/17/2022

  • Cosmetic
    • You can now add a community "banner" image, currently this banner image only displays with the notification message sent with bumping your community for discovery.
  • Bumping
    • Bumping your community will now include your community's banner image upon bump. If no banner image is set it won't include any image.
​Custom Pages​
  • Page Elements
    • Two new page elements have been added, Button and Button Group. Both these elements can be added to any custom page. Each button's functionality and style can be configured to fit your needs. Buttons can target to a external website, custom form and custom page.
  • Clicking community cards to open up the community modal would not be possible unless you click the image or text on the card. The whole card should be clickable.
  • Clicking a community card would display a modal with additional community information and options to join, this would not include the image.
​Department Manager​
  • Performance
    • Several improvements have been implemented to decrease any issues with performance regarding permission management of departments.

v0.5.17 (Beta) 11/14/2022

​Community Drive​
  • Editing Files
    • An issue which would cause files to not be edited within the member editing page but would still allow edits through the public-sided edit file page.
  • Editor
    • An issue which would cause the webhook input editor to not load fully or at all.
  • Webhooks Executing
    • An issue which would causing the Calendar Creation webhook to not execute at all.
  • Bump System
    • An issue which would cause the Discord advertisement webhook message to include various programmatic types within the message such as '[object Object]' & 'undefined'.
  • Forms
    • An issue which would cause individuals to be unable to submit forms directly onto another user's profile to attach it to their profile.
  • Column Types
    • Community Identifier row columns would not populate with a user's primary identifier properly unless the conditions which very specific.
  • Status Modifier
    • An issue which would cause the stage action to change community status to not execute properly unless the individual was active within the community from the start.
  • User Interface
    • Equal sizing has been applied to all community discovery cards
    • Each community has been moved to a dedicated modal upon click to provide additional information prior to the community
Application User Interface
  • Various aspects of the Sonoran CMS has seen UI improvements

v0.5.16 (Beta) 11/7/2022

  • ​Bump System​
    • Allows your community to be bumped to the top of the Community Discovery list.
      • Every 20 hours!
      • Bumping will automatically advertise your community to the thousands of users in the Sonoran Software Systems LLC's Official Discord!
  • Tags Categorization
    • Categorization your community with up to 5 predefined tags!
      • Select up to 3 tags with Sonoran CMS Free - Plus
      • Select up to 5 tags with Sonoran CMS Pro / Sonoran One

v0.5.15 (Beta) 11/3/2022

The Community Discovery Portal brings more members to communities by streamlining the joining process for your community. Joining a community through the discovery portal will automatically prompt them with the community's new member application. Advertise your community to the thousands of users using Sonoran CMS!
Default Department Permissions applies the same set of permissions to all ranks within the department to easily manage permissions.
​Admin Form Delete​
Easily remove form submissions from y our community with the newly added "Admin Form Delete". This will remove the form from any data selection, this will now be accounted for when calculating patrol log hours, submissions, etc.
Community Deletion
  • Communities were unable to be deleted, they will now process the deletion request properly.

v0.5.14 (Beta) 10/26/2022

Profile Fields allow communities to put direct information onto member's profiles that can be restricted to certain viewers, editors, etc. with rank permissions. Profile Fields are dynamically on profiles depending on what ranks the profile you're viewing holds.
Department Editor
  • Duplicating departments would not regenerate the IDs associated with the ranks in the new department which would cause the same ID to be associated by more than one rank.
Community Profile
  • Submitting forms directly onto a member's profile would cause nothing to happen, it now will process through and allow you to let the profile "owner" to be able to see the form on their profile.

v0.5.13 (Beta) 10/17/2022

    • Files can now be accessible by anyone on the internet by a share link.
    • A new "General Access" option has been added, "Anyone with this link".
    • This will allow anyone to view and/or edit the file through the link given from the "Copy Link" button on the Share Settings dialog.
​Custom Form Stages​
  • Custom Action: Modify Submitter's Community Status
    • This new action will do any of the following upon a form changing to a stage with this action:
      • Set Submitter to Pending
      • Set Submitter to Active
      • Kick Submitter from Community
      • Ban Submitter from Community
  • Fixed an issue that would cause subscriptions to not update on the backend.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a secondary row would cause ranks to not populate in the dropdowns properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar would not show on custom domains.

v0.5.12 (Beta) 9/29/2022

​Drive Enhancements​
    • The Share Settings for each drive item has been overhauled, this shows all ranks that have access and some general share types.
    • There's now a "Ranks with Access Permissions", this will allow all listed ranks to have either edit or view access. This will grant them access regardless of what General Access is set to. This also has a "Inherit Parent Folder Access Permissions" option, this will only show for non-root items and this will inherit the parent folder's access permissions to determine with the drive items existing access permissions.
    • There's now several General Access types:
      • Restricted - Only utilizes "Ranks with All Drive Access" and "Ranks with Access Permissions"
      • Active members with this link - Allows all users that are active within your community to access the drive item, you can also control if they see the drive item in their drive or if they can only access through the share link.
      • Active & pending members with this link - Allows all users within your community to access the drive item, you can also control if they see the drive item in their drive or if they can only access through the share link.
      • Inherit Parent Folder General Access - This will inherit one of the above options depending on what the parent folder is currently set to.
    • The following are the now deprecated share types each drive item had and how they were migrated to the new settings:
      • PRIVATE
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Restricted General Access share type.
      • UNLISTED
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Active members with this link General Access share type with it hidden in the drive.
      • PUBLIC
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Active & pending members with this link General Access share type with it showing in the drive.
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Inherit Parent Folder General Access General Access share type.
  • Right Click Context Menu
    • The right click context menu is now accessible by clicking the green hamburger button.
Dashboard URL Handling
  • Individual Rosters & Individual sections of the Admin Panel are now direct linkable, you can now copy the link and go directly back to where you were with that link.
Drive Uploading
  • When uploading to a folder it will now upload directly into the folder instead of putting it directly into the root
Form Management
  • WebSocket Error would cause the Form Management panel to be unusable
  • Pagination restricted to only see the first initial 20 forms received from the request, it would not update the pagination settings to get more than what it already got
Drive Uploading
  • ZIP Uploading will set General Access share type to Inherit Parent Folder General AccessDa

v0.5.11 (Beta) 9/19/2022

  • Folders can now have their own Share Type & Permissions associated with them.
    • Right click a folder to manage.
  • A new Share Type was added to Drive items, you can now set items to the Share Type of "Inherit Parent Folder" which will inherit Share Type & Permissions associated with the folder.
Available Forms
  • Forms available to submit based on associated permissions would not populate the table
  • Submitting forms would cause infinite loading or appear to be frozen
Form Management
  • Submitted forms based on associated permissions would not populate the table
Custom Form
  • Auto member fields would not populate with the source data
  • Roster patrol log columns would not calculate hours and would only be "N/A"
  • Attempting to view a profile that's not yours would direct to your own profile
Account Viewer
  • Filtering accounts by "BANNED" would result in an empty table instead of showing all banned users

v0.5.10 (Beta) 9/8/2022

​Discord Role Sync​
  • A system was introduced to handle Discord Role Sync upon the release of the Sonoran Bot's newest update
  • This will allow bi-directional syncing
    • CMS <-> Discord
  • Utilizes your Sonoran Account Discord Link
    • Does not handle API ID's of Discord ID's, it will only search and grab the Discord account linked to your Sonoran Account
​API Endpoints​
Department Editor
  • Department creation would remove the department label
  • Rows not populating due to how data was formatted
  • Drive UI not populating with the correct folders
Stage Editor
  • Stages & Stage Groups were not saving in the state causing confusion of what is saved
Form Management
  • Filtering would break the page and would require a refresh, the search functionality was disabled at this time while we re-work the search function
  • Toolbar should only be showing while viewing a community
  • Notifications should be getting received in real time instead of on each refresh
  • Community cards will now show the title & subtitle instead of title & description
WS Stability
  • Several WS event listeners on the client side have been corrected to be dispatched properly from the server side

v0.5.9 (Beta) 9/1/2022

  • ​File Uploading now supports ZIPs, this means you can bulk import files from popular file hosting services such as Google Drive.
  • Easily migrate all your files and directories directly into Sonoran CMS Drive with one ZIP.
Community Templates
    • This allows you to create templates from your community setup and share it with other communities to benefit from.
    • All submitted templates will go through a review process with the Sonoran CMS Development Team.
Community Customization
  • The way statuses were saved in the Community Customization was changed to improve the workflow of managing statuses.

v0.5.8 (Beta) 8/29/2022

Community Templates
  • "Standard" Community Template was added, accessible through community creation & existing communities
  • Several backend changes were added to assist support with debugging issues

v0.5.7 (Beta) 8/22/2022

Dashboard URL Handling
  • All pages accessible through the left-side menu in the dashboard will now take you to a physical URL that can be copied and pasted to members to open to directly.
  • Further handling will be developed in further updates.
  • The cache backup handling was updated to follow standards with the rest of the resource, now fully using Sonoran.js.
Community Templates
  • Toolbar items set from a template on pre-existing communities will now properly set to imported pages, this was only for using a template on a existing community, not new communities.

v0.5.6 (Beta) 8/17/2022

​Custom Domain​
  • Communities are auto-joined when visiting their custom domain (and successfully logging in)
​Custom Pages​
  • Custom pages can now be setup as direct links from toolbar items
  • Pro subscriptions now come with a 14 day free trial! All other subscriptions currently do not have trials
    • Only one trial per person, and one trial per community
  • Community templates can now be applied to existing communities! If you wish to apply a template, look under Customization in the Administration Panel
  • Affiliate Links will now correctly display information about Sonoran CMS
  • Automatic redirection to the menu from index page is now much faster

v0.5.5 (Beta) 8/15/2022

​Sonoran CAD Sync​
  • Map Sonoran CAD permissions to your department ranks to sync permissions directly with Sonoran CAD.
  • Enable Kick and Ban sync to immediately kick and/or ban a user from your Sonoran CAD community when kicked or banned from your Sonoran CMS.
  • Community Templates are now accessible through Community Customization, you can replace your community with an available template or add onto your existing community by adding bits and pieces from an available template.
  • Fixed an issue regarding an error when attempting to delete a calendar category.
  • Fixed an issue regarding calendar permissions not allowing certain actions despite what permissions that individual actually has.
  • Fixed an issue where roster rows wouldn't populate due to a row missing a rank/department.

v0.5.3 (Beta) 8/10/2022

​Permissions Sync​
  • A new integration resource was added to allow syncing of permissions between Sonoran CMS and your in-game server.
  • Easily manage your in-game permissions by mapping them to specific Sonoran CMS ranks.

v0.5.2 (Beta) 8/8/2022

​Drive & Documents​
  • Creating folders and moving files into folders is now possible
    • Permissions for folders coming soon
  • Multiple file types now supported
    • +Presentations
    • +Excel Sheets
  • Usage is now shown on the drive's toolbar
  • Sensitive mode is now added for all file types
  • Issue with changing Community IDs is resolved

v0.5.1 (Beta) 8/4/2022

​Drive & Documents​
  • Permissions have been expanded for the Sonoran CMS Drive, you'll now be able to set VIEW and EDIT permissions to individual documents by editing the document. This requires the "Modify All Documents (Drive)" permission.
  • You can now upload documents directly to the Sonoran CMS Drive.
  • A German translation has been added, thank you to Linztric801 for that.
  • A new template was added for community creation. Applying templates to created community's will be re-implemented in a future update.
SSO & Account
  • Fixed an issue where your account username would not update on Sonoran CMS when changed on Sonoran Accounts.
Discord Webhooks
  • Fixed an issue where form submission webhooks would not be sent out.
Image Uploading
  • Fixed an issue that prevented image uploading to not be accessible at all, the button was fixed and will now appear.
Joining & Leaving Communities
  • Fixed an issue which wouldn't allow you to join or leave a community.

v0.5.0 (Beta) 7/27/2022

​Drive & Documents​
  • Communities can now create and manage documents within their community directly in Sonoran CMS.
    • Initial permissions have been introduced to manage and/or view all documents.
  • Drive includes a complete document editor to create and edit documents.
    • More document types will be supported in future updates.
Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • An issue causing the desktop and mobile apps to not load was fixed.

v0.4.4 (Beta) 7/20/2022

​Community Pages​
  • Custom pages now have their own URLs
  • Links to custom pages are public (anyone can access the URLs)
  • Community dashboards now load a separate URL: /com/{community_uuid}
  • The community selection menu can be accessed through a button in the account dropdown
​Custom Domain​
  • Custom domains will now load the community dashboard at the index URL (i.e.
  • Custom domains now properly redirect back with Sonoran Login
    • Discord and Apple logins still redirect back to the main site, unfortunately
  • Redirect to login from dashboard being slow is fixed
  • Other small bug fixes

v0.4.3 (Beta) 7/18/2022

​Community Pages​
  • Communities now have the ability to create multiple custom pages for their community
    • Free: 2
    • Starter: 4
    • Standard: 6
    • Plus: 10
    • Pro: Unlimited
  • Bug creating new stage groups
  • Bug with manager departments and ranks
  • Bug with editing permissions in the department editor

v0.4.2 (Beta) 7/12/2022

​Community Pages​
  • Grants all communities a single page they can edit with content sections, videos, and images. This page can be accessed on the Dashboard of a community
    • Much more is pending with community pages, stay tuned!
Login Issues
  • Intermittent issues with login and usage of communities is now fixed
Migration Issues
  • Many issues relating to the recent migration from v0.4.0 have been fixed, with more on the way

v0.4.1 (Beta) 7/11/2022

  • Allows you to customize the top toolbar with buttons and dropdowns options with whatever label and link that you desire.
​Vanity URL​
  • Allows all communities the option to use a FREE vanity URL with their community, this URL is based on your community ID and will provide you with a custom login page displaying your community's image.

v0.4.0 (Beta) 7/7/2022

This update consisted of a complete rewrite of the backend and partially the frontend. This was to update and move over to more reliable and stable techniques required for future updates. This update didn't consist of any new features but rather several fixes throughout the application.

v0.3.0 (Beta) 4/4/2022

​Public API - Introducing another way for developer's and community's to interact with Sonoran CMS. - The first set of endpoints are only the start to a long list of endpoints we have planned to offer. Clock In/Out - Timestamped Notes were introduced in this update, allowing members to add a timestamped note to a current clock in. - Notes are accessible in the community profile view. Downloading/exporting of clock in data is restricted to Plus or higher. Whitelist System - Introduced hand-in-hand with the public API, paired with the Sonoran provided whitelist script allows multi-server whitelist provided through Sonoran CMS. Community Accounts - Last Login timestamp has been added and now tracked in the Administrative Panel Account area. Calendars - The UI for the calendar events have been reworked to favor a large design instead of being so "crammed" and busy. No longer will cause UI to bug out due to missing image. - Overall improvement of reliability of Discord webhooks sending for calendar related Discord webhooks. API ID System - Allows a bridge between 3rd party resources and Sonoran CMS with utilizing a unique identifier to be used for API calls.
Billing Portal - Subscriptions infinitely loading or erroring out due to failed subscriptions GET. Will now process if legacy errors out which was the main cause for the issue listed. Form Management Performance - Large amount of forms would cause performance issues with the Form Management panel, this has been corrected and performance issues should be minimal to non-existent. Several other bugs were fixed but were very minor to be listed.

v0.2.1 (Beta) 2/5/2022

Form Permissions - Permission issues related to seeing, changing, and replying to forms were fixed. Calendar - Calendar times weren't always translated to local time and when sent through a Discord webhook it would provide the local server time, now it'll send the Discord timestamp format that'll automatically show in your local time. Desktop Version - The desktop version of Sonoran CMS was unusable as of v0.2.0 due to a package issue.

v0.2.0 (Beta) 1/28/2022

​Custom Form Stages - Custom Form Stages are stages at which a form can be on, each stage can have powerful actions executed once that form gets changed to that stage. Various actions such as executing a webhook, automatically replying, etc.
​Custom Form Stage Groups - Custom Form Stage Groups are rough pre-determined routes you can assign to a form, groups allow you to choose what stage(s) are shown at each stage the form has the potential of being on.
Custom Form UI - With this update, we introduced some new UI techniques and practices that we hope to expand throughout the app with. This only affected the custom forms section of the entire application, the forms got a dedicated page UI, dashboard sidebar got visited, etc. Page Transitions - All pages now have transitions between them, this will make everything feel more smooth. It's nice.
Backend - There were several changes to the backend for the efficiency and productivity of the application. We improved upon the permissions system to sync more efficiently and effectively, allowing for less room for error.
Default Community Toggle - When toggling default on a community, either off or on, it won't allow you to then select the community to enter it.
Rosters - Patrol Log Hour Calculations - Patrol log hour roster columns would only display hours 0-23 instead of all hours, this has been corrected to show all hours after the date specified. Custom Form Issues - Several issues related to custom forms have been fixed, form content not updating properly after saving, forms not updating at all, seeing forms not within permissions, not seeing forms within permissions, etc. Discord Webhooks - Saving webhooks returned an error.

v0.1.6 (Beta) 8/4/2021

Calendar Events - Missing Functionality - Fixed the missing functionality for editing calendar events, editing calendar events is now possible with this update. Account Creation - Fixed an issue that caused signing up for a new account to be impossible and not work. This was pushed to the web a few days prior to v0.1.6-beta being released. Custom Forms - Fixed an issue that would result in forms created on an individual to not be available in the available forms which wouldn't allow you to edit or archive the form after it being created.

v0.1.5 (Beta) 8/1/2021

Community Selection Menu - Fixed an issue on top of the last update's issue with being able to join or create multiple of the same community at the same time within a fraction of a second. - Fixed an issue that would cause nothing to happen or show if you leave a community and rejoin that community you just left. It'll display an error and explain the issue if you're banned or for other reasons. Should allow users to rejoin communities now if they leave. Rosters - Fixed an issue that would cause you to not see columns with the type of textarea when you create or edit a roster row. - Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow you to scroll textarea type inputs if the content text exceeds the viewable box due to the field being disabled when viewing the response.

v0.1.4 (Beta) 7/31/2021

Community Templates - Fixed an issue that allowed for community templates to show all available instead of available within your current limits and would let you use a template that's out of your limits. Rosters - Fixed an issue that would cause you to not see columns with the type of date or time when you create or edit a roster row. Community ID Query URL - Fixed an issue that wouldn't properly auto-join/invite you to the community if you signup from a query URL. Missing Permissions - Fixed an issue that caused the custom domain and discord integration tabs under advanced would not check if they had permissions. Discord Webhook Logging now has its own permission and the custom domain panel is now associated with the community customization permission. Community Selection Menu - Fixed an issue that would allow you to join or create multiple communities if you spammed the community card or create a community button before it disappeared.

v0.1.3 (Beta) 7/29/2021

Custom Domain System - Communities that are on the Standard Plan+ can now set up their custom domain through a DNS record to be used as a custom login page for Sonoran CMS. Discord RPC - The desktop application now adds rich presence info and buttons to your Discord profile. You can customize the invite link to your Sonoran CMS community, or your community's Sonoran CAD. Discord Webhooks - We've added Discord Webhooks for all your logging needs, you can now set up Discord webhooks to be sent when you get a new application, someone edits another account's information, etc. Community Dashboard Buttons - We've introduced functionality to the website and discord inputs that are in the Community Customization area of the Administrative Panel. Both of these inputs will now show buttons located in the initial Dashboard view. Community Login Query Strings - Sonoran CMS URLs now support the use of ?comid=communityID at the end of URLs. You can hand these out to automatically invite users to your community, this will automatically direct them to the community selection menu where they can accept an invite. Android Application - Sonoran CMS is now on the Google Play Store for download.
Form Management - Fixed an issue where permissions wouldn't be checked in the form management panel, this would allow anyone that has at least one permission to view that area (view pending, approve pending, deny pending, etc) can view all forms in that area even if they don't have the view pending for that specific form. Rosters - Fixed an issue that would cause corruption on rosters when you attempt to add or edit a row. If you add a row not all columns would show on the input and if you edit it wouldn't allow you to save. - Status selector column would corrupt and change the status to "Invalid Status" if when saving a row you didn't change the status at all. Empty Dropdowns for Member and Multi-Member Selector Fields - Fixed an issue where dropdowns would be empty due to communities setting their name & identifier format as empty which would result in an empty format. This is fixed and will show the username of the account by default. Available Forms - When editing a submitted form it wouldn't update locally unless you left the available forms area and then came back, it's been fixed from just saving to the backend.

v0.1.2 (Beta) 7/19/2021

Delete Community - We've added in the feature to delete your community if you ever need to, this is located in the Administrative Panel > Advanced Limits. View the guide here for more information!
Rosters Populating - Fixed an issue that would cause rosters to fail to populate and would infinitely load data due to a character cap for row entries. Community Templates - Fixed an issue that would cause applying templates to not apply calendar permissions for imported ranks. Custom Forms - New Member Application - Fixed an issue that would result in users that are set to pending within communities not be able to see custom forms with the type of "New Member Application".

v0.1.1 (Beta) 7/17/2021

Remove Branding - Premium Feature - A premium feature was added to Pro plan customers that will remove all Sonoran CMS branding and will replace it with community branding. Leave Community - Leave community feature was added to the community selection menu, the button will be disabled if you own a community.
Electron - Desktop Application - Changed the desktop application frame to be frameless and styled the application bar to use Sonoran CMS branding and community branding if a community is on the Pro plan.
Default Community - Fixed an issue that would result in the default community button, not function and wouldn't set the community as default. Clock In/Out System - Fixed an issue that would cause a partial clock in (clocked in but not clocked out) to hang the browser if refreshed. Backend - Limits - Fixed an issue that would result in limits not getting checked on both the frontend and backend, only the frontend.

v0.1.0 (Beta) 7/15/2021

Landing Page - A brand new landing page was created for, a new layout was also introduced located in the footer of the page to direct you to other Sonoran Software Systems, LLC products. Billing Portal - A billing portal was introduced to Sonoran CMS to accommodate the update to Sonoran CMS Beta. From v0.1.0 forward Sonoran CMS will be subscription-based with a free tier available to all users of Sonoran CMS.

v0.0.6 (Alpha) 7/7/2021

Pagination Sync - Row pagination will now save the rows per page setting locally for when you return to the page it will automatically sync from your local save. Administrative Panel - Accounts - When viewing the accounts panel in the administrative panel you'll be able to filter all accounts by their community status (Active, Pending, Banned). - Also when viewing the accounts panel in the administrative panel you'll be able to search for accounts, with this search it'll filter all accounts by their username and community name.
Administrative Panel - Accounts - Fixed an issue that would cause the "kick" and "ban" features to essentially not work at all. Dashboard - Fixed an issue that would cause the UI of the dashboard to not correctly update whenever the user's account would get updated.
Dashboard - Community Profile View - Fixed an issue that would allow users to be able to view another account's profile and view all of their "Disciplinary Action" type forms without checking the community power of both accounts.

v0.0.5 (Alpha) 7/6/2021