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0.5.92 (Beta) 05/21/2024

Security Center - Reactivate Flag

  • Added a flag reactivation event if a (alt) user that was not in your community had their flag dismissed, it will re-activate when they later join the community.

Security Center - In-Game Identifiers

  • Added new alt account detection methods for in-game identifiers like CFX license, Xbox live, Steam, hardware identifiers, etc.

Security Center - VPN Detection Flag

  • Added a new flag type to detect users logging in with a VPN running, potentially trying to evade an IP ban.

0.5.91 (Beta) 05/15/2024

Forms - Third Party Sub. Permission

  • Added a new permission to restrict which users can submit specific forms as a third party

Forms - Audio Upload

  • Added a new form element allowing users to record and upload audio submissions

Forms - Checkbox Section Dependency

  • Form sections can now have a dependency based on checkbox select values

Account Avatar - View Profile

  • Clicking on a user's account avatar will now automatically redirect to their community profile

Discord Role Import - Filter

  • Added a filter search box in the rank manager when importing existing Discord roles

Photo Gallery - Image Uploader

  • Updated the image upload component in the website builder's photo gallery element

0.5.90 (Beta) 05/08/2024

Security Center - Account Flags

  • Added the base release of the new account flags system for alt account detection.

Rosters - Toolbox Consolidation

  • Migrated the side toolbox elements for the roster editor into groups to better consolidate and save space.

Website Builder - Toolbox Consolidation

  • Migrated the side toolbox elements for the website builder into groups to better consolidate and save space.

Website Pages - Cards

  • Updated the available website pages UI to reflect a similar "card" style like rosters and forms have.

API - Teamspeak ID

  • Added teamspeakId property to both get_com_account and get_account endpoints

0.5.89 (Beta) 04/30/2024

Rosters - Edit Row UI

  • Removed the popup cell/row editor in the roster view and added in-line auto-save editing.

Image Uploads - Drive Storage

  • Removed image and file uploading limits throughout the CMS and added this storage to the community Drive. The free plan has been increased from 10MB to 100MB.

Security Center

  • Added the start of new internal logging and tracking for the security center, with visible functionalities coming soon...

Logging Center

  • Automatically removed logs older than 30 days.

v0.5.88 (Beta) 04/17/2024

Activity Tracker

  • Easily track member activity in your game server with an automated stopwatch system starting on server join and stopping on server exit

Activity Roster Column

  • View member activity time in the last X days with the activity roster column

Last Active Roster Column

  • See when your members were last in-game with the last active roster column

Discord Panel Settings

  • Adjust all of Sonoran Bot's settings via the CMS UI instead of Discord commands

Website Builder - Forums Category UI

  • Overhauled the forums category UI dialog in the website editor

User Profile - Form Submission UI

  • Overhauled the forms submission UI in the user profile page

Website Builder - Favicon

  • Paid communities now include a custom favicon on CMS website tabs utilizing their community icon

v0.5.87 (Beta) 04/09/2024

Security Center - Logging

  • Added a new logging section in the security center, allowing user actions to be searched

Forms - Auto Member Unique ID

  • Added a new forms element type to automatically fill a user's unique ID

Bot - Improved Permission Errors

  • Improved permission errors on Sonoran Bot to be more clear

Bot - Name Sync on Join

  • Added handling to process a name sync when a new user joins a guild

v0.5.86 (Beta) 03/26/2024

Forms - DM Stage Action

  • Added a new forms stage action to DM the submitter on Discord

Discord Webhooks - Bot Handling

  • Overhauled how Discord webhooks are stored and processed, with all new webhook configurations being handled by bot posted embeds.

Forms - Stage Discord Ping

  • Added the option in forms stages to ping the submitter in Discord.

Forms - Stage Webhooks

  • Updated the webhook selector in the forms stages to be channel based instead of raw webhook URLs.

#21213 - Notification Text View

  • Added an icon to view the full notification text in the notification center if the text was cut off.

v0.5.85 (Beta) 03/20/2024

Forums - UI Improvements

  • Improved UI design for creating topics and posts, private topic rank selection, and an all-new image uploader with drop support.

Forums - Website Section Handling

  • Migrated new forums elements to a dedicated "section" in the website builder. This ensures forums elements can expand dynamically and push content down instead of overlapping or scrolling.

Forms - File Against User

  • Forms can now be submitted on a user via third party for cases like ban requests or disciplinary action. These submissions then appear on the user's profile.

v0.5.84 (Beta) 03/12/2024

Forums - UI Improvements

  • Initial UI improvements for forums, including proper breadcrumb navigation back to the custom webpage, sub-category enforcement, and more.

Rosters - New Column Types

  • Added Discord nickname, Discord ID, and TeamSpeak ID columns.

Discord Integration - Loading Animations

  • Added new loading animations with live descriptions for the Discord panel. This improves user experience and understanding for larger Discord servers with multiple hundred channels and roles.

Form Stage Variables

  • Added a user_submission_link (URL for the user that submitted the form to view) and submission_link variable (URL for an admin to view the submitted form) in replacement of the older form_link variable.

v0.5.83 (Beta) 3/04/2024

Rosters - Conditional Formatting on Other Cells

  • Added the ability to conditionally format both styles and values on a roster cell/column based on the value of another column.

Rank Manager - Search

  • Added the ability to search and filter permissions in the rank manager for an easier configuration experience.

Auto Clock-In ESX

  • Added ESX job support to the in-game auto clock-in system.

Forms - Submission Button

  • Added a "view submissions" button in the available forms section for users that have permissions. This negates the need for the user to have access to the admin forms editor panel just to see the navigation button.

#20905 - View Profile in Grid Mode

  • Added the ability to right-click on a user account card to access their profile, mimicking function of the user accounts panel in list mode.

v0.5.82 (Beta) 2/27/2024

Community Account ID - Modify

  • Community administrators can now manually customize a member's UID in the user accounts tab.

#20479 - Clear All Notifications

  • Users can now clear all notifications on their CMS at once.

Community Customization - UI Improvements

  • The community customization panel has been overhauled and simplified for a better user interface experience.

Limits Panel - UI Improvements

  • The community limits panel has been updated for an improved user interface.

#20746 - Form Question Descriptions

  • Form questions can now have subtext added below the element type.

#20757 - Form Submission Removal

  • Added new delete buttons on the submission card and submission viewer to remove form submissions instead of having to right-click.

#20766 - Form Stage Email Branding

  • Updated the custom form stage emails to include custom community branding in the subject line and included email logo.

#20767 - Community Member UID Column

  • Added the community member UID column to the list view in the user accounts panel.

#20745 - Stage Customization in Submitter UI

  • Added proper stage customization display (icon and color) to the stage listed on the submitter UI section.

#20762 - Direct Link Stage Response

  • Added a new {form_link} variable in custom form stages to send a direct link to the submitted form.

Custom Emails - Sanitization

  • Added additional HTML and script sanitization on custom stage action emails.

#20754 - Event Redesigned

  • Redesigned the UI on the community event viewer and migrated to a dialog popup instead of a full page.

New Form Scroll Height

  • Improved the form height scroll calculation for new form submissions, maximizing the user's screen space.

Forms Label - New WYS Editor

  • Label elements on the form editor now include the updated WYS editor for better control.

Website Editor - Width Preview

  • Improved the width handling on the website editor to show the true width of the page breakpoint being edited. Also added new ctrl + scroll handling to quickly zoom in and out of the editor preview.

API Endpoints - User Variables

  • Added the following consistent user variable options:

    • accId

    • apiId

    • uniqueId

    • discord

    • username

  • To the following endpoints:









    • RSVP

v0.5.81 (Beta) 2/19/2024

Rank Editor Discord Role Import Creating departments and ranks within the editor is now much easier, you can now import any role from a linked guild directly into your community. It'll import name, color, and icon automatically, just select which roles you want imported and moments later they'll be created within your community.

API Endpoint Get Accounts Fetch all accounts within your community, with filters and paginated. This will return all basic information for returned members.

WYSIWYG Text Editor The newly added WYSIWYG editor has been reworked to utilize a more feature rich editor, allowing for more control and customization.

v0.5.80 (Beta) 2/14/2024

Search Engine Optimization Custom pages now have customizable SEO information, you can now set the image and description for the page SEO. This type of information will show within the link embeds in applications such as Discord. Additionally, forms will now have SEO information regarding the form name, description and image.

Form Management - Stages Stages have been completely reworked to be per form rather than globally created individually, primarily for future easier development. As well, drag and drop support was added for rearranging the order of stages.

New Common UI We've created a unified common WYSIWYG text editor to be used throughout the application, allowing the same control through. This is seen within the Website Builder, Forums, etc.

v0.5.79 (Beta) 2/6/2024

Discord Integration

We've completely reworked how Discord guild data is fetched for a more efficient and effective method. Configuring your Discord Integration should be populating much faster as data is now concurrently fetched by key, reducing the overall data that is transferred.

Additionally, we've made the following changes:

  • Remove Guilds Remove linked guilds directly within the Discord Integration panel, allowing you to unlink guilds you no longer wish to be included in sync events

  • Join Rank Check New members that join your CMS community when a guild is linked will check whether they have any roles in guild(s) for mapped ranks that they should have, automatically applying the ranks on join

Website Builder - MAJOR OVERHAUL

The website builder has seen a massive overhaul, now with the ability for more customization and control over your page designs. Create stunning pages with our new placement system, easily drag and drop elements wherever you want on the page, no longer limited by just column sizing.

As well, when creating new pages you're now able to create from templates or just a blank canvas.

Navigation Bar

Bar items now have the ability to have more styles & customization applied to the item. Choose from several different styling options to fit your design needs. As well, the individual item editor was reworked for much better UI/UX.

Community Settings

A new data template key was added to the Community Naming format, {uniqueId} will now provide their automatically generated unique integer ID.

Admin Panel

Drive access button was added to the Administrative Panel side navigation, no longer requiring a navigation item to navigate through

v0.5.77 (Beta) 1/31/2024

Form Management

Managing forms will now properly paginate based on what's in your current view, the further you scroll down the more submitted forms will populate.

Game Panel

Game state fetching was optimized to be more efficient and only needed when requested. Game state data will now manually be fetched from CMS -> Game Server instead of a the Game Server sending a periodic (every 1 minute) update to the CMS to store even if not currently used. Data will now be more up-to-date and fluid throughout, as well these optimizations should alleviate some of the hitch warnings seen.

v0.5.76 (Beta) 1/15/2024

iOS Notch Support

The iOS finally now has support for the notch that was introduced with iPhone X+, there is now proper spacing for elements that would originally be within the notch area.


Discord Guild Nickname Column New column type was added allowing for Discord guild nicknames to be referenced within rosters, this will pull the nickname for the user if they're in the specified guild for the column. Each column can reference a different linked Discord guild to be the source of the nicknames.

Timeclock Column Several new improvements and additions were introduced. Now allowing for several different timeclock time parameters, allowing to fetch hours within the last amount of days, between two dates or simply from a specific date. These time parameters are set directly on the column within the Roster editor.

v0.5.75 (Beta) 1/8/2024


Member ID Column Rosters now have the ability to display member's unique ID as a column type now, this will grab the member's unique ID

Rank Based Rosters Rosters will now be able to be specified from specific ranks rather than whole department's or utilizing a custom roster. You can now specify what ranks and order that a member must have in-order to be displayed on the roster.

Cosmetic Styling All roster columns now have the ability to be styled to have more customization over your rosters. Additionally you can set conditions to when a column row cell is a specific styling, allowing greater control on how rosters are displayed. As well, Rosters can now have a header image displayed above the roster table.

v0.5.74 (Beta) 1/4/2024

Discord Integration

Role Mapping CMS bi-directional Discord role sync has been implemented natively within the Sonoran CMS UI. A more visual and easy to use UI in comparison to the existing bot embed setup.

Ban Sync Bans will now sync across all linked guilds ensuring proper handling of members upon exit.


Form Editor Drag and drop supported added to form questions, you can now easily re-order questions within a form.

Submissions On larger screens the form replies will now be on the right side, allowing to view the form response and the replies at the same time.

v0.5.73 (Beta) 12/18/2023

Forms Management

Form submissions can now be drag-and-dropped to change stages for much easier form submission management, this can be done within the Form Submissions viewer.

Permission Descriptions

Permission selectors now display individual descriptions for each permission type, explaining what the permission grants.

Form Editor

Permissions for individual form templates can now be modified directly through settings while editing a form

v0.5.72 (Beta) 12/13/2023

Form Builder

Our custom form builder has seen a complete user-interface rework, now allowing for easier and clearer form building. The new UI was focused on providing a more streamlined and efficient workflow for creating the custom forms needed for communities!

Discord Bot Integration

We've implemented Form stage changing directly from Discord form webhooks, form webhooks from CMS are now routed to the Sonoran Bot to provide additional features; form webhooks will now provide a drop-down menu allowing you to select what stage you want the form changed to. When updated the existing webhook embed will be updated for ease-of-use.

v0.5.71 (Beta) 12/5/2023

Mobile - Push Notifications

Android and iOS apps for Sonoran CMS now offer push notifications for all previously supported notification events. Now receive notifications to your mobile device when events start, form status change, and much more!

Forms - Stage Editor

Stages editor has continued rework from last update now with more seamless editing and managing.

New forms will now have three (3) default stages for quick form creation!

v0.5.70 (Beta) v0.5.69 Re-Release w/ Breaking Hotfix

v0.5.69 (Beta) 11/20/2023

Form Management

Form submissions are now easier to manage with the reworked UI, now easily move forms through stages with ease with the all new stage tab UI. Forms will now be in a list beneath their respective stage, allowing for easier distinction and visualization of where your community's forms are!

Form Submissions are now accessible via Administrative Panel > Forms > View Submissions button.

Submissions viewed in the new tabbed UI will now show the new submission popup modal with a more informational and condensed view.


File viewer UI has been reworked for a more user-friendly and informative experience. Folders are now displayed separately from any files in the parent folder in the grid view, in the list view folders are sorted above any files in the parent folder.

Additionally, the view and edit drive file UI was updated to be more consistent.

v0.5.68 (Beta) 11/10/2023

Website Builder

Element Offsets

Element offsets now allow for further customization of spacing and position of elements throughout your custom pages built through the Website Builder.

Element Image Support

Elements can now have images set on them similar to setting a page background but solely on an element.

Discord Integration

Improvements to the mobile aspect of the UI have been added specifically to the setup process, making it easier to follow the instructions and get set up faster!

v0.5.67 (Beta) 11/8/2023

Toolbar Editor

You can now drag and drop the order of toolbar items to easily create the toolbar you desire.

Profile Fields Editor

Drag and drop of profile fields will now display a red line to signify where the profile field will be dropped.

Discord Bot

Improved handling has been introduced into the bot to make the setup and manage process easier when configuring the Discord bot.

Page Meta

All informational and administrative pages now have unique meta associated with them, allowing for easier differentiating of pages.

v0.5.66 (Beta) 10/27/2023

Desktop Notifications

We've now introduced Desktop notifications as our first step to push notifications everywhere! Now receive desktop notifications, where configured, when you receive new form submissions, new calendar event, and much more! Manage your notification preferences directly within your Community Settings similar to API ID. Receive Desktop notifications upon each trigger WHEN you have the Sonoran CMS Desktop application running on your device.

QBCore Game Panel

Job Sync has been reworked into the core resource and implemented natively within the QBCore Game Panel, easily manage your server's jobs with automatic job sync!

Rank Manager

Drag and drop line previews are now present when managing your ranks, easily see where your organizing your ranks in real-time.

Toolbar Editor

Toolbar editing is now supported through auto-save functions, never worry about losing work toolbar customization!

v0.5.65 (Beta) 10/24/2023

vMenu Game Panel

Weather and Time Management is now available within the vMenu Game Panel, easily change and manage vMenu Weather & Time directly from your Sonoran CMS!


We've reworked out homepage to be more modern and information forward!

v0.5.64 (Beta) 10/16/2023

Mobile Improvements

  • Color styling is now more consistent in the Forms Editor

  • Form Settings are now a popup modal instead of a drop-down button

  • New element selection has been reworked for an improved UI/UX

  • Accounts Viewer has been improved for easier mobile UI/UX

  • Rosters now mimic the Forms Editor styling and functionality with reworked UI/UX

  • QBCore Game Panel navigation is now easier to use with more consistent styling

v0.5.63 (Beta) 10/11/2023

Sonoran Bot Integration

Name Sync now takes in account the name format set within Community Customization!

vMenu Game Panel

Now introducing the vMenu Game Panel, similar to the QBCore Game Panel we've implemented a user-friendly way to manage your vMenu server(s). Manage whitelisting and ace permissions directly within your Sonoran CMS community without the need to mess with config files.

  • Whitelisting & Ace Permission Sync configuration now integrated within the UI

v0.5.62 (Beta) 10/2/2023

Profile Fields

  • Permission management is now reworked and easier with direct permission management within the Profile Fields editor

Website Builder

  • Drag and drop previews for when creating unique and custom web pages

v0.5.61 (Beta) 9/25/2023

User Accounts

  • Discord and TeamSpeak IDs are now on user accounts and can be easily copied in the Accounts viewer

  • Unique IDs is now able to be copied on forum replies

Sonoran CMS API Panel

  • Entire API panel has been reworked for a better UI/UX

Rank Selector

  • UI improvements have been introduced for easier rank recognition

  • Component has been standardized for use within the Account Viewer

v0.5.60 (Beta) 9/16/2023

Accounts - Unique ID

  • You can now easily click to copy unique IDs that are displayed

Discord Bot

  • CMS Name Sync have been added to the initial setup process

Website Builder

  • Permissions for private pages are now directly within the Website Builder UI, allowing for easier page management without the need to modify ranks


  • Forum Topics and Replies can now have text color & highlight

v0.5.59 (Beta) 9/8/2023

Account Viewer

Multi-Account Actions

Now you can easily manage groups of accounts instead of individually updating them. You can now set ranks, kick or even ban a group of accounts all at once, allows for easier and a more streamlined user management.

Rank Filtering

Filtering and searching for the Accounts viewer has been improved, you can now filter by individual ranks and search for users by their new Unique ID.

QBCore Game Panel

  • Job Management is now achievable within Sonoran CMS, you can now edit/change the job and grades for individual accounts.

  • Search vehicle plates via the Vehicles table

Discord Bot

  • Sonoran CMS community names are now able to be synced to your Discord guild(s)

v0.5.58 (Beta) 9/2/2023


Rosters no longer require a member to be assigned to a row for Custom Rosters, you can now create rosters more than for tracking members!

  • Several aspects of the Rosters Editor has been improved upon for a better UI/UX

Discord Webhooks

You can now select what roles you want to get mentioned with each Discord Webhook log, just select what ranks (supplied by Sonoran Bot) you want mentioned and they'll be sent along with each log!

  • Additionally, Minor UI/UX Improvements

TeamSpeak Integration

You can now select TeamSpeak groups instead of having to manually input UIDs for each one during the role sync setup!

GTA Integration - Core

  • Project Sloth Inventory Support Added

v0.5.57 (Beta) Non-Web Version Release 8/29/2023

There was a hotfix version bump release that was sent to Web, MacOS, and Windows platforms to fix a new forms reordering issue.

v0.5.56 (Beta) 8/29/2023

Discord Webhooks

The input system for webhooks has been completely reworked and streamlined for a easier setup and management. Now you can select channels pulled from all Discord guilds the Sonoran Bot is setup for with your community.

  • Auto-save functionality is now smoother and more efficient

  • Setup process is now outlined within the UI

QBCore Game Panel

Several aspects of the game panel have been improved upon for a better UI/UX.

  • More consistent styling throughout pages

  • Viewing a character now shows owned vehicles

  • Viewing characters on the Players page will now show basic information

    • Cash & Bank Balances

    • Jobs

  • Resources page now supports folders

Community Account Unique IDs

All users within communities are now automatically assigned a unique numerical ID upon join, existing communities automatically assigned IDs. Easily track users within your community with a much easier identifier to track that NEVER changes.

  • Unique IDs are shown on the Community Profile, Forums, Account Viewer, Submitted Forms, etc.

v0.5.55 (Beta) 8/18/2023

Rosters Editor

  • UI was completely reworked to be more interactive and user-friendly

  • Community Statuses has been moved to the Roster Editor and rebranded to Roster Statuses

QBCore Game Panel

  • Vehicle management dialogs with user/character information is now hyperlinked to manage the character that the vehicle belongs to


  • You can now set a button destination to QBCore Game Panel

v0.5.54 (Beta) 8/15/2023

QBCore Game Panel

  • Vehicle management inputs that require a Citizen ID will now provide users with a select input to select a character from rather than a raw Citizen ID

  • Permissions

    • QBCore Game Panel permissions have been moved from the Servers tab to their own category/section.

    • Existing permissions have been migrated to the new permission structure for Game Panel(s).

Help/Tutorial Modals

  • 25+ help and tutorial modal's have been implemented throughout the entire platform

  • View documentation and tutorials associated with pages by clicking the red help button located on the bottom-right of pages

v0.5.53 (Beta) 8/3/2023

QBCore Game Panel

  • Initial Setup

    • The setup process for the panel has been placed directly into the panel with direct and easy steps to get it running.

  • Inventory

    • Inventory items now are draggable, you can now drag and drop items within inventories with ease.

  • Inter Panel Links

    • Any dialog popup that lists data is now linkable, while having the dialog open the URL is modified to include the proper ID which can be directly opened to.

  • Characters

    • Metadata

      • You can now view character metadata within the Character dialog

    • Jobs

      • You can now view character job data within the Character dialog


  • GTA RP - CMS Core

    • You can now download the GTA RP CMS Core directly from the Integrations Portal, it will be downloaded with your community credentials already inputted into your config.

v0.5.52 (Beta) 8/2/2023

QBCore Game Panel

  • Characters

    • View and manage character inventories directly within the panel

      • Mimicked UI from popular slot based inventory systems

  • Items

    • View and manage all in-game items directly within the panel

      • Directly upload item images from Sonoran CMS to your game server

  • Vehicles

    • You can now select from all preconfigured garages to set a character's vehicle current garage at instead of having to provide the garage ID

v0.5.51 (Beta) 7/21/2023

QBCore Game Panel

  • Gangs

    • View and manage QBCore framework gangs

    • Add and remove what grades each gang has

  • Jobs

    • View and manage QBCore framework jobs

    • Add and remove what grades each job has

Sonoran Shield Integration

You can now link and manage your Sonoran Shield configurations directly within Sonoran CMS! You can also grant individuals permission to help manage your shield as well!

v0.5.50 (Beta) Non-Web Version Release 7/15/2023

There was a hotfix version bump release that was sent to all non-web version platforms to fix a new login issue.

v0.5.49 (Beta) 7/14/2023

QBCore Game Panel

  • Characters

    • View online & offline characters

    • Edit online & offline characters

  • Vehicles

    • View online & offline vehicles

    • Edit online & offline vehicles

  • Permission Enforcement

    • Pages within the game panel are now permission enforced therefore you must have permission to view pages.

v0.5.48 (Beta) 7/6/2023

Discord Integration

Form Stage changes will now trigger the Sonoran Bot to notify the submitter of the form that it's been updated! With Discord Sync enabled and form notifications properly configured you can now receive a Discord notification via DM, text channel or both.

QBCore Game Panel

  • Server Logs

    • View and search the last 1,000 logs generated by your server directly within your Sonoran CMS community!

  • Resource Management

    • Easily start/stop all your server's resources directly within your Sonoran CMS community!

v0.5.47 (Beta) 6/30/2023

Calendar Consolidation

All aspects of the calendar system has been consolidated to the main calendar view, editing and adding event categories can now be edited and managed within there. You can now easily manage permissions specifically for the calendars you're editing. The event creation UI has also been improved for a better UI/UX.

QB Core Game Panel

  • Warn Player

  • Characters

    • Display Character Info

    • Adjust Money

v0.5.46 (Beta) 6/23/2023

QB Core Management Panel

The first update to our official QB Core management panel for GTARP!

New functionality includes:

  • Permissions

    • Ranks can now be granted permissions to access/use various features of the panel.

  • Players

    • Kick

  • Vehicles

    • Repair

    • Despawn

  • Money

    • Edit Account Balances (Wallet, Bank, Crypto, etc)

v0.5.45 (Beta) 6/19/2023

QB Core Management Panel

The initial release of our official QB Core management panel for GTARP is here!

Initial functionality includes:

  • Players

    • View and Kick

  • Player Vehicles

    • Repair, Delete and Despawn

  • Player Bank Accounts

    • View, Add Money, Remove Money

More functionality is planned for weekly releases! The CMS QB Core management panel will soon be your single management point for your QB server!

Community Creation

The Community Creation UI has been completely reworked, now walking new users through a guided process to upload and customize logos, descriptions, and more.

Form Manager Consolidation

The form manager and available forms sections have been combined into a single panel. This requires less overall navigation and also includes a tab for admins to quickly access the forms editor.

Admin Navigation Bar

The admin side navigation bar's toggle button is now condensed into a vertical button with dynamic opacity when collapsed to reduce screen footprint. Additionally, users can now click and drag the toggle button vertically up or down the screen.


A new Integrations Portal has been introduced, this portal houses all integrations that Sonoran CMS offers. From official integrations to community driven integrations this is the one place to manage it all. With more comprehensive integrations planned in the very near future.

v0.5.44 (Beta) 6/8/2023

Community Customization

The entire Community Customization UI has been completely reworked from the ground up, focused on an improved UI/UX.

Administrative Panel Navigation

Administrative panel navigation has been completely reworked from the ground up similar to Community Customization. This new navigation allows for more screen real estate, improved UX, and overall and easier navigation experience.


The limits page has been completely reworked to clearly layout what limits apply to your community and overall a refresh to the existing UI.


A new Integrations Portal has been introduced, this portal houses all integrations that Sonoran CMS offers. From official integrations to community driven integrations this is the one place to manage it all. With more comprehensive integrations planned in the very near future.

v0.5.43 (Beta) 6/1/2023

Website Builder - New Elements

Static Image Carousel

Similar to the gallery element however members cannot upload or remove images through the UI, this element is set for the page.


The card element can display various information and can be customized to your exact liking!

Circular Progress (Info Block Style)

Circular progress has been added as a style type for the Info Block element type, this provides a circular progress bar that can be customized to a specific value or based on total community or department members.

HTML Embed

HTML Embed allows more in-depth customization to your website pages, easily embed popular embeds from other sites such as TrackyServer!

Rank Manager

The ability to copy and paste permissions between ranks/departments has been re-implemented from being removed in the last update.


Drive Document

A new destination type has been added to the toolbar item options, you can now select a specific file in your CMS Drive to directly link to without the need of grabbing the physical URL to the file!

v0.5.42 (Beta) 5/25/2023

Community Template

The Community Template feature has been removed for the time being, we've reworked the default template to be fully customized to easily see the full capabilities of the system and an easier customization transition. Newly created communities will now come with departments, rosters, pages, etc. fully customized to be used out of the box or customized further to fit your needs.

Forms Editor

The Forms Editor has been reworked to take after the ease of use and customization the Website Builder brings. The entire UI has been reworked and now includes the majority of customization capabilities of the Website Builder for forms.

Department Manager -> Rank Manager

The Department Manager has been reworked and renamed to Rank Manager. This rework has provided an easier and smoother experience when editing and managing ranks. From creating a department to managing rank permissions, the whole experience has been simplified and improved.

v0.5.41 (Beta) 5/17/2023

Pricing & Subscriptions

We're making Sonoran CMS more accessible than ever before, with all functionality for FREE!

View our notice for more information.

Website Builder

Background images now have different handling to better allow more customization on how they view, you can now change how the image shows across the background.

v0.5.40 (Beta) 5/15/2023

Custom Forms

Custom Forms now have new element type, uploader. This accepts images and PDFs but is configurable per element. Easily have your users upload images or PDFs to be viewable directly within the submission.

Profile Fields

Two new profile field types have been added, Discord and TeamSpeak. These two types are apart of the new verified profile types. These will be automatically grabbed from the account without any user interaction or input.

Toolbar Editing

The toolbar editor has been moved from Customization to the Website Builder.

Additionally the toolbar now supports background color, individual font and text-color customization, and easy drag and drop support. You can now rearrange your toolbar including the community image easily to how you desire.

TeamSpeak 3 Sync

You can now sync your Sonoran CMS ranks directly to your TeamSpeak 3 server's groups! This will automatically add/remove TS server groups from individuals that are configured to be set with their associated ranks.

v0.5.39 (Beta) 5/4/2023

Website Builder

The existing Custom Page Editor has been rebranded to the Website Builder.

Background image and color is now able to be applied to the entire page as well as the existing section and element background options.

Side left toolbox was added to larger screen sizes to easily drag and drop elements onto the page, as well modify page background options.

Button elements have been expanded to include further customization such as text color, image icon, and several edge stylings.

Content elements can now modify the color and font of the content in the WYSIWYG editor.

Discord Clock In/Out

You can now clock in/out directly through Discord with the addition of the following commands:

  • /clockincms

  • /clockoutcms

v0.5.38 (Beta) 4/28/2023

Custom Page Editor

The Custom Page Editor has been thoroughly reworked to allow for more styling specifically to sections and elements within sections. With this rework we've revamped the structures of pages and all existing pages have been migrated over to the new page system. Pages are now constructed of individual sections which house elements. All existing pages were updated to move all pre-existing sections into one section and converted to elements. Now customize the padding, margin, alignment, etc. of sections, we've also included background color and images to sections and elements!

Discovery Page UI

The Community Discovery Page UI has been reworked to better advertise and showcase the communities that use Sonoran CMS!

v0.5.37 (Beta) 4/21/2023

Department Editor

The customization workflow for Department Rank's has been improved, you can now directly upload an image or choose from thousands of icons for your rank cosmetic icon.

Community Transfers

Community Owner's can now transfer their community to anyone that's currently active within the community, the owner must complete a confirmation before the transfer is complete.

Custom Page Editor - UI

The entire Custom Page Editor UI has been reworked to become more of a website editor than a custom form editor. This new UI allows for easy sorting of sections by dragging and dropping and an overall better user experience. This new UI is one of many improvements we plan on bringing to Custom Pages.

Direct Form Submission Links

You can now share a direct link to a Custom Form to be submitted from, this should help with recruitment as it will take them straight to filling out the form. This URL can be found in the Custom Forms area prior to selecting a form to edit.

Discord Sync

Discord Sync has now been made available to all Free communities using Sonoran CMS, regardless of Sonoran CMS community premium status.

v0.5.36 (Beta) 4/17/2023

Toolbar The existing side-menu that was positioned to the left of the Community pages was removed and migrated to the top toolbar. Now all navigation goes through the top navigation bar, allowing full customization for how your navigation is designed and organized.

  • Clock In/Out is now located between the Admin cog (if enabled & viewable) and the Notification Center icon located on the right side of the toolbar.

  • All existing communities have been migrated with side-menu options being recreated for each community to allow for an easier transition into the new navigation system.

    • Drive, Available Forms, Form Management, etc. are now toolbar options for all existing communities from this update. Feel free to update your toolbar to remove these options if not desired.

  • Community Settings to edit your API IDs, refresh CAD Sync, etc. has been moved to the top-right dropdown menu where you can navigate to Community Discovery, My Communities, etc.

CAD Sync CAD Sync has now been made available to all Free communities using Sonoran CMS, regardless of Sonoran CAD community premium status. Use the full capabilities of CAD Sync without needing a premium subscription.

v0.5.35 (Beta) 4/7/2023

Calendar RSVP Limits

Calendar events can now be RSVP limited, you can now set how many members can RSVP to an individual event.

API Endpoints

Event RSVP

Drive Downloads

Additional file types can now be uploaded and downloaded directly from the Sonoran CMS Drive. Any .rpf, .wav, .mp3, .zip, and .pdf are accepted. They aren't "viewable" but are able to be downloaded easily. Additionally there's now a download URL that can be copied for the downloadable file types as described above.

Community Gallery

A new Custom Page Element has been added for additional customization and content. We've added the first of many elements apart of the new Gallery system. This system is designed heavily after the Forum system, as far as handling. Each element requires it to be associated to a Gallery category, with further customization and elements coming in later updates. This new element will show your images in a larger slide show with also listing all the gallery posts associated to the category. These gallery categories can be restricted as far as who can upload.

v0.5.34 (Beta) 3/24/2023

Archive Community Member

Community member's can now be archived, this is kick from the community but sets the member in a archived state where their profile and information is still accessible. This should allow communities to better organize member's that have left and will allow you to easily see their information by viewing their profile even after they're gone.

  • When an account is archived it will display a banner on their profile showing they're archived.

    • Additionally if they're banned it will also display a banner.

  • When an account is archived it will display a small banner on their brief profile information when viewing a Forum Topic.

Custom Profile Fields

Text Array Profile Field Type A new profile field type has been added; Text Array. This new field type allows you to store several entries of information on one specific field.

API Endpoints

Get Profile Fields Endpoint

Edit Account Profile Fields Endpoint

v0.5.33 (Beta) 3/17/2023

Mobile UI Side Menu & Hamburger Menu while Signed into a Community The hamburger menu when shown on mobile has been reworked to introduce the existing menu that listed all community area such as Administrative Panel, Form Management, etc. The main side menu will now longer show on mobile view and will be included in the hamburger menu.

Forum Topic Page When viewing a forum topic on a smaller screen the replies and user information will no longer become disoriented and unviewable.

Forum Topics

Replies on forum topics now allow you to include attachments with the reply similar to creating a topic.

Form Stages

Form stages have now two labels. The Stage Label should be seen as a public name for the label, this will be shown in Available Forms, Form Management, and when referenced in stage actions (when they execute). The Internal Label should be seen as a nickname for the stage, this will be shown in any area it's referenced in the Administrative Panel area.

Community Profile

Community Bio A community bio option has been added to the community profile page. Members can now set a customizable bio for themselves directly in their profile.

Name Changing

Individuals viewing another member's profile and having permission to edit them within the Account Viewer will be able to change the member's name directly in the profile.

Account Avatar

Individuals viewing their own community profile will be able to change their account avatar by simply clicking on their avatar in the profile page.

Global Account Actions Several account action buttons have been added to the community profile page, these will only show when viewing your own profile. This is in place due to the change with how the top-right dropdown menu is handled and the options that are now displayed there.

v0.5.32 (Beta) 3/9/2023

Expiring Ranks

Ranks can now be applied to individuals manually or through stage actions to set a rank to expire, the rank will automatically be removed upon the next check (every fetch for the account) if found expired. Ranks can be set to expire after X amount of hours/days or by a exact time/day that you set.

Account Avatars

Customizable account avatars have now been implemented, all areas within the Sonoran CMS should now support the customizable avatar. You can now set your avatar here.

Discord Webhooks

A new webhook event has been added, Member Join. This webhook will fire when a member joins your Sonoran CMS community.

Forum Topic's

Forum topic attachments now support opening in a image viewer instead of downloading the image. Zoom, pan, etc.

Account Editing

Account editing UI has been slightly reworked to adapt to the new Expiring Ranks. Users will no longer need to select a department prior to assigning a rank.

v0.5.31 (Beta) 3/2/2023

Custom Page Paths

Custom pages can now have a custom path slug to further customize your pages. These path slugs will replace the number ID that is given by default for all custom pages. These paths support custom domains, example: lspd/sop would append to a custom domain such as cms.sonoranrp.com/lspd/sop.

Custom Form Folders

Custom Forms can now be organized within folders, folders are simply for organizational purposes and serve no additional purposes.

Home Page

Our home page has been reworked to provide a more user-friendly and informational landing page.

API Endpoints

Kick Endpoint

Ban Endpoint

API Integration

Copy buttons have been added to the Community ID and API Key fields.

Discord Webhooks

Custom Form webhooks have been updated to hyperlink the forms share link to the embed's URL.

v0.5.30 (Beta) 2/23/2023

Automatic Rosters

Rosters have been reworked to add additional functionality and purpose. All existing rosters have been moved to the type of "Custom", this type is considered for all rosters that will allow you to add and remove rows as you please. With this change the previous Department and Sub-Department type have been deprecated. A new roster type, Department, was added to replace the previous Department roster type. This new roster type is considered automatic meaning rows will be dynamically created based on all members that hold a rank within the specified department. Members will be sorted in the order which their rank within the department is shown, as well as alphabetically.

v0.5.29 (Beta) 2/17/2023

Form Submission Limits

Custom Form Templates now have limit settings, these settings will allow you to customize how your forms are being submitted. This allows for submissions to be limited to a certain amount per user, within the last X days, and even with a cooldown between submissions.

  • Limit Total Submissions from each User

    • Ignore submissions that are set to a stage with the type of "Archived"

  • Submission Cooldown

  • Limit Within Last X Days

Department Rank Cosmetic Customization

Department ranks now have cosmetic styling, this cosmetic addition is only shown when viewing Forum Topic's but will be expanded upon as UI is needed. This customization allows you to change the background color and icon associated with it.

Custom Form & Stage Editors

Custom Form, Custom Stage and Custom Stage Group editor's have all been centralized into one page and one editor. Create stages directly within forms without the hassle of creating groups to then go back and fourth within editors.

Additional Form Management Filters

Several new form management filters have been added to better find submissions within your community. Now you're able to use the following filters when managing forms:

  • Community Member

  • Form Type

    • Was already implemented prior but was improved/fixed as well

  • Custom Form

    • Search for submissions that were all created from the same custom form template

      • Additionally you can specify whether you want to filter the custom form submissions by their current stage as well

v0.5.28 (Beta) 2/9/2023

Forum System

The user interface for the Forum System has been completely revamped, improving the individual topic viewing and forum categories pages.

  • Quote Replying

    • There's now an option under a topic or a topic reply will have an option to quote the content of that, this will add the content to your reply editor to allow you to easily quote an individual's post.

v0.5.27 (Beta) 2/2/2023

Custom Login Page

The custom login page has been completely revamped, the old login page has been deprecated and have been moved to the top toolbar & community dashboards.

  • When using a Custom Domain it'll automatically load the community's dashboard page.

  • If you're not signed in or not apart of the community you'll be put in a "Preview" mode for the community while you view their dashboard and custom pages.

  • Deprecated login page may still be seen as there's some actions that require a login page to direct to.

v0.5.26 (Beta) 1/26/2023


The community Dashboard / Landing page has been completely reworked, this now allows for the full customization of the Custom Page Editor. Set any existing custom page as your community's dashboard page.

Custom Page Editor

  • New Page Section Type

    • Information Block

      • This allows for multiple blocks of information to be added to your page, each block allows for two customizable text options. This also allows you to dynamically populate the block with "Total Community Members" or "Total Department Members".

  • UI Improvements

    • Several aspects of the Custom Page Editor UI was reworked and improved.

  • Page Reordering

    • Page reordering is now handled through drag and drops actions instead of direction buttons.

  • Page Section Reordering

    • Page section reordering is now handled through drag and drops actions instead of direction buttons.

  • Default / Landing Page Toggle

    • Set a Custom Page as the community's Dashboard / Landing Page.

v0.5.25 (Beta) 1/24/2023

Sonoran CAD Integration

  • Multi-Setup Sync

Sync your single Sonoran CMS community to multiple Sonoran CAD communities!

Navigation Button Visibility

Navigation items on the sidebar can now be dynamically shown based upon permissions. Documentation explains how each navigation item is permission evaluated.

Privatized Pages

Pages can now be privatized and require permissions to view, this view type can be changed in the page editor.

Available Forms UI

The Available Forms area is now in a grid UI.