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v0.5.44 (Beta) 6/8/2023

The entire Community Customization UI has been completely reworked from the ground up, focused on an improved UI/UX.
Administrative Panel Navigation
Administrative panel navigation has been completely reworked from the ground up similar to Community Customization. This new navigation allows for more screen real estate, improved UX, and overall and easier navigation experience.
The limits page has been completely reworked to clearly layout what limits apply to your community and overall a refresh to the existing UI.
A new Integrations Portal has been introduced, this portal houses all integrations that Sonoran CMS offers. From official integrations to community driven integrations this is the one place to manage it all. With more comprehensive integrations planned in the very near future.
Community Profile
  • Unable to view user profiles if you're not logged in or apart of the community
Website Pages
  • Privatized pages would not actually handle like they're privatized, essentially would behave as a public page
  • Some communities may have seen JSON data within their roster rows

v0.5.43 (Beta) 6/1/2023

Static Image Carousel
Similar to the gallery element however members cannot upload or remove images through the UI, this element is set for the page.
The card element can display various information and can be customized to your exact liking!
Circular Progress (Info Block Style)
Circular progress has been added as a style type for the Info Block element type, this provides a circular progress bar that can be customized to a specific value or based on total community or department members.
HTML Embed
HTML Embed allows more in-depth customization to your website pages, easily embed popular embeds from other sites such as TrackyServer!
The ability to copy and paste permissions between ranks/departments has been re-implemented from being removed in the last update.
Drive Document
A new destination type has been added to the toolbar item options, you can now select a specific file in your CMS Drive to directly link to without the need of grabbing the physical URL to the file!
  • Editing an element's sizing will change the current preview size shown within the editor.
  • Removed excess spacing on the sides while viewing on a mobile sized screen.
  • Pop-up editing of elements have been reworked and improved for a better user experience.
  • Utility Toolbar has been reworked and improved for a better user experience.
  • Footer was updated to have more spacing and less cramming
  • The Sonoran CAD button now has the correct hyperlink destination
When linking an individual a direct apply link to a form it would it just take them to the Available Forms and not display anything. Now it'll notify they must be signed in and will easily direct them to login and take them back to the same page once signed in.
Forums no longer require individuals to be signed in to just view a category and forums element.
  • Gallery elements would not show/load properly if the individual is not signed in, the sign in requirement is now removed.

v0.5.42 (Beta) 5/25/2023

The Community Template feature has been removed for the time being, we've reworked the default template to be fully customized to easily see the full capabilities of the system and an easier customization transition. Newly created communities will now come with departments, rosters, pages, etc. fully customized to be used out of the box or customized further to fit your needs.
The Forms Editor has been reworked to take after the ease of use and customization the Website Builder brings. The entire UI has been reworked and now includes the majority of customization capabilities of the Website Builder for forms.
The Department Manager has been reworked and renamed to Rank Manager. This rework has provided an easier and smoother experience when editing and managing ranks. From creating a department to managing rank permissions, the whole experience has been simplified and improved.
Community Discovery
  • Fixed an issue where the images would appear very small compared to the actual size that should have been shown.
Custom Forms
  • Member selectors would not have any options to select from despite having members that should be populated.
  • Inherited permissions from the parent department would not be accounted for.
Desktop Application
  • Top toolbar would overlap with the top window bar.
Website Builder
  • New page elements wouldn't be able to dragged and dropped into an empty area, they would only appear if dropped onto an existing section.

v0.5.41 (Beta) 5/17/2023

We're making Sonoran CMS more accessible than ever before, with all functionality for FREE!
View our notice for more information.
Background images now have different handling to better allow more customization on how they view, you can now change how the image shows across the background.
Side toolbar is now scrollable
Page slug input no longer shows the preview and is replaced with a copy button
Grid lines in the previewer are no longer there
Account Management
When editing an individual account there will no longer be an option to change between active & pending, setting an individual to no ranks will place them in pending and setting them with any ranks will place them in active.

v0.5.40 (Beta) 5/15/2023

Custom Forms now have new element type, uploader. This accepts images and PDFs but is configurable per element. Easily have your users upload images or PDFs to be viewable directly within the submission.
Two new profile field types have been added, Discord and TeamSpeak. These two types are apart of the new verified profile types. These will be automatically grabbed from the account without any user interaction or input.
The toolbar editor has been moved from Customization to the Website Builder.
Additionally the toolbar now supports background color, individual font and text-color customization, and easy drag and drop support. You can now rearrange your toolbar including the community image easily to how you desire.
You can now sync your Sonoran CMS ranks directly to your TeamSpeak 3 server's groups! This will automatically add/remove TS server groups from individuals that are configured to be set with their associated ranks.
Custom Page Backgrounds
Custom page backgrounds now extend to the entire body of the page instead of the custom page container.

v0.5.39 (Beta) 5/4/2023

The existing Custom Page Editor has been rebranded to the Website Builder.
Background image and color is now able to be applied to the entire page as well as the existing section and element background options.
Side left toolbox was added to larger screen sizes to easily drag and drop elements onto the page, as well modify page background options.
Button elements have been expanded to include further customization such as text color, image icon, and several edge stylings.
Content elements can now modify the color and font of the content in the WYSIWYG editor.
Discord Clock In/Out
You can now clock in/out directly through Discord with the addition of the following commands:
  • /clockincms
  • /clockoutcms
Icon / Image Selector
All areas where an icon would be expected to be supplied it has been reworked to allow for icon & image with the icon selector allowing to be searched within the field.

v0.5.38 (Beta) 4/28/2023

The Custom Page Editor has been thoroughly reworked to allow for more styling specifically to sections and elements within sections. With this rework we've revamped the structures of pages and all existing pages have been migrated over to the new page system. Pages are now constructed of individual sections which house elements. All existing pages were updated to move all pre-existing sections into one section and converted to elements. Now customize the padding, margin, alignment, etc. of sections, we've also included background color and images to sections and elements!
The Community Discovery Page UI has been reworked to better advertise and showcase the communities that use Sonoran CMS!
Account Dropdown
Items within the Account dropdown have been reordered to categorize where needed.
Community Image (Top Left in Toolbar)
Clicking the top left community image will now redirect to the Dashboard instead of leaving the community and navigating to My Communities.
Custom Forms
Forms could not be submitted from Available Forms or directly linked, this issue was resolved on web shortly after v0.5.37 release.

v0.5.37 (Beta) 4/21/2023

The customization workflow for Department Rank's has been improved, you can now directly upload an image or choose from thousands of icons for your rank cosmetic icon.
Community Owner's can now transfer their community to anyone that's currently active within the community, the owner must complete a confirmation before the transfer is complete.
The entire Custom Page Editor UI has been reworked to become more of a website editor than a custom form editor. This new UI allows for easy sorting of sections by dragging and dropping and an overall better user experience. This new UI is one of many improvements we plan on bringing to Custom Pages.
You can now share a direct link to a Custom Form to be submitted from, this should help with recruitment as it will take them straight to filling out the form. This URL can be found in the Custom Forms area prior to selecting a form to edit.
Discord Sync has now been made available to all Free communities using Sonoran CMS, regardless of Sonoran CMS community premium status.
Form Management
The top header would be oddly positioned and would have text be misaligned.

v0.5.36 (Beta) 4/17/2023

Toolbar The existing side-menu that was positioned to the left of the Community pages was removed and migrated to the top toolbar. Now all navigation goes through the top navigation bar, allowing full customization for how your navigation is designed and organized.
  • Clock In/Out is now located between the Admin cog (if enabled & viewable) and the Notification Center icon located on the right side of the toolbar.
  • All existing communities have been migrated with side-menu options being recreated for each community to allow for an easier transition into the new navigation system.
    • Drive, Available Forms, Form Management, etc. are now toolbar options for all existing communities from this update. Feel free to update your toolbar to remove these options if not desired.
  • Community Settings to edit your API IDs, refresh CAD Sync, etc. has been moved to the top-right dropdown menu where you can navigate to Community Discovery, My Communities, etc.
CAD Sync CAD Sync has now been made available to all Free communities using Sonoran CMS, regardless of Sonoran CAD community premium status. Use the full capabilities of CAD Sync without needing a premium subscription.
Accounts Viewer While viewing accounts through the Administrative Panel the accounts will now load more efficiently through the use of server-side pagination.
Accounts Editing The UI for editing accounts has been improved for a better UI/UX.
Community Side Menu Has been completely removed in favor for the toolbar navigation system.
Discord Webhooks Forum Topic Creation - Not sending with properly formatted webhook embed description.
Managing Permissions Editing a user's secondary ranks, either to add, remove, or edit would cause errors to throw invalidating any request to save.
Gallery Gallery permissions were not evaluated for the gallery uploading capabilities.
Available Forms Forms with the type of New Member Application were not showing for new members of communities.
Form Management Specific Form's would not all show in the Form Management filtering selector.

v0.5.35 (Beta) 4/7/2023

Calendar events can now be RSVP limited, you can now set how many members can RSVP to an individual event.
API Endpoints
Additional file types can now be uploaded and downloaded directly from the Sonoran CMS Drive. Any .rpf, .wav, .mp3, .zip, and .pdf are accepted. They aren't "viewable" but are able to be downloaded easily. Additionally there's now a download URL that can be copied for the downloadable file types as described above.
A new Custom Page Element has been added for additional customization and content. We've added the first of many elements apart of the new Gallery system. This system is designed heavily after the Forum system, as far as handling. Each element requires it to be associated to a Gallery category, with further customization and elements coming in later updates. This new element will show your images in a larger slide show with also listing all the gallery posts associated to the category. These gallery categories can be restricted as far as who can upload.
Member Join
All new users that joined communities would have their community name set to "NOT SET" upon initial join, this however has been changed to set their community name as their Sonoran account username.
Community Profile
The community profile now shows all ranks that the user has associated.
Several UI Improvements
Mobile UI/UX has been improved in several areas to better adapt to smaller screens.

v0.5.34 (Beta) 3/24/2023

Community member's can now be archived, this is kick from the community but sets the member in a archived state where their profile and information is still accessible. This should allow communities to better organize member's that have left and will allow you to easily see their information by viewing their profile even after they're gone.
  • When an account is archived it will display a banner on their profile showing they're archived.
    • Additionally if they're banned it will also display a banner.
  • When an account is archived it will display a small banner on their brief profile information when viewing a Forum Topic.
Custom Profile Fields
Text Array Profile Field Type A new profile field type has been added; Text Array. This new field type allows you to store several entries of information on one specific field.
API Endpoints
When viewing a roster and clicking on a row it will now not immediately edit the row, it will now give you the option to edit the row or to view their community profile.
Community Profile
Several UI elements of the Community Profile have been changed to improve the overall UI/UX.
Community Profile
Clicking on a user profile's name text will warn about not being able to edit it.
Mobile UI
Hamburger Menu
The hamburger menu would keep state from a previous community and not refresh upon loading a new community.
Custom Page Editor
The default page button would be clickable even if the page is already set to default.
Custom Form Editor
Adding new fields could randomly be placed in a different section than the intended one.

v0.5.33 (Beta) 3/17/2023

Mobile UI Side Menu & Hamburger Menu while Signed into a Community The hamburger menu when shown on mobile has been reworked to introduce the existing menu that listed all community area such as Administrative Panel, Form Management, etc. The main side menu will now longer show on mobile view and will be included in the hamburger menu.
Forum Topic Page When viewing a forum topic on a smaller screen the replies and user information will no longer become disoriented and unviewable.
Forum Topics
Replies on forum topics now allow you to include attachments with the reply similar to creating a topic.
Form Stages
Form stages have now two labels. The Stage Label should be seen as a public name for the label, this will be shown in Available Forms, Form Management, and when referenced in stage actions (when they execute). The Internal Label should be seen as a nickname for the stage, this will be shown in any area it's referenced in the Administrative Panel area.
Community Profile
Community Bio A community bio option has been added to the community profile page. Members can now set a customizable bio for themselves directly in their profile.
Name Changing
Individuals viewing another member's profile and having permission to edit them within the Account Viewer will be able to change the member's name directly in the profile.
Account Avatar
Individuals viewing their own community profile will be able to change their account avatar by simply clicking on their avatar in the profile page.
Global Account Actions Several account action buttons have been added to the community profile page, these will only show when viewing your own profile. This is in place due to the change with how the top-right dropdown menu is handled and the options that are now displayed there.
Account / Top Account Dropdown
The non-community account page is now no longer accessible by the top dropdown when viewing a community. This will now direct you to your Community Profile which also provides the same global account action buttons that are in the non-community account page. The dropdown item Account was renamed to Profile to adapt to this change.
Department Editor
After adding a calendar category and going to the department editor it would not show up until a refresh or a relog into the community.
Account Viewer
When editing an account and removing the primary rank it would not remove the primary department shown in the account viewer table.
Stage Actions
After creating a stage with a Change Submitter's Department/Rank action, the action would not provide all department ranks after editing it upon creation.
Integration - Whitelist
Several bugs have been pushed to address issues related to the whitelist system.
Custom Form Editor
Premade form sections were removed during the rework of the Custom Forms & Stages. They've been reimplemented with no additional sections added, just the Patrol Start/End.

v0.5.32 (Beta) 3/9/2023

Expiring Ranks
Ranks can now be applied to individuals manually or through stage actions to set a rank to expire, the rank will automatically be removed upon the next check (every fetch for the account) if found expired. Ranks can be set to expire after X amount of hours/days or by a exact time/day that you set.
Account Avatars
Customizable account avatars have now been implemented, all areas within the Sonoran CMS should now support the customizable avatar. You can now set your avatar here.
A new webhook event has been added, Member Join. This webhook will fire when a member joins your Sonoran CMS community.
Forum Topic's
Forum topic attachments now support opening in a image viewer instead of downloading the image. Zoom, pan, etc.
Account Editing
Account editing UI has been slightly reworked to adapt to the new Expiring Ranks. Users will no longer need to select a department prior to assigning a rank.
Available Forms
  • Share link would appear on non-submitted forms
  • Form ID "#" would appear on non-submitted forms
  • Able to view all and any forms regardless of permission
  • State would not update with newly edited/created forms
  • Automatic Department Rosters would unreliably get backend generated rows
  • Rows be able to be initially edited without proper permission
    • Request to edit the row would not process through without valid permissions
Discord Webhooks
  • Forms submitted directly onto a profile would not send a logging webhook

v0.5.31 (Beta) 3/2/2023

Custom pages can now have a custom path slug to further customize your pages. These path slugs will replace the number ID that is given by default for all custom pages. These paths support custom domains, example: lspd/sop would append to a custom domain such as
Custom Forms can now be organized within folders, folders are simply for organizational purposes and serve no additional purposes.
Home Page
Our home page has been reworked to provide a more user-friendly and informational landing page.
API Endpoints
API Integration
Copy buttons have been added to the Community ID and API Key fields.
Discord Webhooks
Custom Form webhooks have been updated to hyperlink the forms share link to the embed's URL.
Automatic Department Roster's have been reworked to improve reliability and performance regarding row generation and response.

v0.5.30 (Beta) 2/23/2023

Rosters have been reworked to add additional functionality and purpose. All existing rosters have been moved to the type of "Custom", this type is considered for all rosters that will allow you to add and remove rows as you please. With this change the previous Department and Sub-Department type have been deprecated. A new roster type, Department, was added to replace the previous Department roster type. This new roster type is considered automatic meaning rows will be dynamically created based on all members that hold a rank within the specified department. Members will be sorted in the order which their rank within the department is shown, as well as alphabetically.
Form Management
Filtering forms to show only Deleted Forms would show no forms despite fetching all deleted forms.
An internal ID was not setting correctly upon save which would make the form no longer editable or usable.
Menu Items
Menu items would not correctly evaluate permissions.

v0.5.29 (Beta) 2/17/2023

Custom Form Templates now have limit settings, these settings will allow you to customize how your forms are being submitted. This allows for submissions to be limited to a certain amount per user, within the last X days, and even with a cooldown between submissions.
  • Limit Total Submissions from each User
    • Ignore submissions that are set to a stage with the type of "Archived"
  • Submission Cooldown
  • Limit Within Last X Days
Department ranks now have cosmetic styling, this cosmetic addition is only shown when viewing Forum Topic's but will be expanded upon as UI is needed. This customization allows you to change the background color and icon associated with it.
Custom Form & Stage Editors
Custom Form, Custom Stage and Custom Stage Group editor's have all been centralized into one page and one editor. Create stages directly within forms without the hassle of creating groups to then go back and fourth within editors.
Additional Form Management Filters
Several new form management filters have been added to better find submissions within your community. Now you're able to use the following filters when managing forms:
  • Community Member
  • Form Type
    • Was already implemented prior but was improved/fixed as well
  • Custom Form
    • Search for submissions that were all created from the same custom form template
      • Additionally you can specify whether you want to filter the custom form submissions by their current stage as well
Custom Page Editor
  • When enabling sorting for page sections you'll only be displayed with a maximum of 5 sections even if you have more.
Account Info
  • Saving an edited account would fail and not provide an error.

v0.5.28 (Beta) 2/9/2023

The user interface for the Forum System has been completely revamped, improving the individual topic viewing and forum categories pages.
  • Quote Replying
    • There's now an option under a topic or a topic reply will have an option to quote the content of that, this will add the content to your reply editor to allow you to easily quote an individual's post.
Community Discovery
  • "Load More" button located on the Community Discovery page would not load additional communities
Community Profile
  • When viewing a profile that's now your own the name of the profile would display "ERROR"
  • Saving a roster row without changing the user's status would cause their status to remove and go back to unset/errored
  • Websocket Disconnections
    • Permissions checks when gathering all rows would cause a WS disconnection due to a failure in the check
Account Viewer Table
  • Sorting accounts by the table column labels would not sort properly, they would be randomly sorted and not with the correct sort applied

v0.5.27 (Beta) 2/2/2023

The custom login page has been completely revamped, the old login page has been deprecated and have been moved to the top toolbar & community dashboards.
  • When using a Custom Domain it'll automatically load the community's dashboard page.
  • If you're not signed in or not apart of the community you'll be put in a "Preview" mode for the community while you view their dashboard and custom pages.
  • Deprecated login page may still be seen as there's some actions that require a login page to direct to.
  • Account Updated webhook would not show the correct ranks/departments the account is associated with.
  • Event webhooks would include raw HTML within the event description.
  • Tutorial button on Discord Webhook page now directs you to the guide.
  • Event webhooks would not include any specified content and would always be content-less with the embed.

v0.5.26 (Beta) 1/26/2023

The community Dashboard / Landing page has been completely reworked, this now allows for the full customization of the Custom Page Editor. Set any existing custom page as your community's dashboard page.
  • New Page Section Type
    • Information Block
      • This allows for multiple blocks of information to be added to your page, each block allows for two customizable text options. This also allows you to dynamically populate the block with "Total Community Members" or "Total Department Members".
  • UI Improvements
    • Several aspects of the Custom Page Editor UI was reworked and improved.
  • Page Reordering
    • Page reordering is now handled through drag and drops actions instead of direction buttons.
  • Page Section Reordering
    • Page section reordering is now handled through drag and drops actions instead of direction buttons.
  • Default / Landing Page Toggle
    • Set a Custom Page as the community's Dashboard / Landing Page.
  • Handling for WS communication was changed to fix edge-cases with random disconnects.
Admin Routes
  • Accounts table within the Administrative Panel would populate despite having permission to view any admin pages.

v0.5.25 (Beta) 1/24/2023

  • Multi-Setup Sync
Sync your single Sonoran CMS community to multiple Sonoran CAD communities!
Navigation items on the sidebar can now be dynamically shown based upon permissions. Documentation explains how each navigation item is permission evaluated.
Pages can now be privatized and require permissions to view, this view type can be changed in the page editor.
The Available Forms area is now in a grid UI.
Reponses have been fixed to be consistent and adjusted to provide reliablity to the in-game resource(s).
  • Individual Manual Sync
    • CAD Sync button located in the Account Settings dialog
Member's can now manually sync their Sonoran CMS account with the linked Sonoran CAD community, this will now sync all aspects of the account besides just permissions.

v0.5.24 (Beta) 1/12/2023

  • API ID Sync
Sync member's API IDs to the same user from your Sonoran CAD community, if they have a Discord account linked to their account it will sync that ID as well.
  • Auto Join CAD
All new members that join your community automatically join your Sonoran CAD community under the same user ID.
Through the newly added "Member On Join Settings" you can customize whether members join with "ACTIVE" status, if "ACTIVE" is selected you can customize a rank which they'll be automatically granted.
  • Forms submitted would not be able to be replied to by the author of the form
  • Forms would not be able to be submitted at all
Department Permissions
  • Secondary rank permissions would not be evaluated correctly with roster related permission checks

v0.5.23 (Beta) 1/9/2023

  • A new webhook option was added for when submitted forms get their stage changed, a new webhook option is added solely for this event.
  • The ability to sort the position of the pages in which they appear in lists.
  • The ability to sort the position of the forms in which they appear in Available Forms.
  • Dynamically show sections within your custom forms based upon conditions set that require to be met with the specified field.
  • Allow members to customize their community name's, this setting is community wide.
User Management
  • Users would not be able to unban any individual within their community's ban list.
  • Patrol log hours would miscalculate based on the forms that were submitted on-behalf of the account, on-behalf of another account, and regular submissions.

v0.5.22 (Beta) 1/3/2023

  • Webhook preference would appear to not be "saved" when switching pages, data was not updated locally upon backend change.
  • When adding a roster row the previous chosen sort power would be brought to the next row you create.
  • Unable to view rosters after attempting to navigate from side smaller UI.
  • Creating a public forum topic would cause errors.
Permission Evaluation
  • Permission evaluation would not be completely considered upon specific page loads (Admin, Form Management, etc.)
Stage Actions
  • Email stage actions would show the button included in the email as "{button}"
  • When submitting a form under another individual's profile it will warn you regarding the form being submitted by the submitter and not the profile it's being submitted under.

v0.5.21 (Beta) 12/21/2022

Several new changes have been added to the forum system;
  • Discord Webhooks
    • A new section has been added to the Discord Logging Webhook editor, Forums. This allows webhooks to be executed on Topic Creation & Reply Creation.
Migration System
A new database and system migration system has been implemented to ease any updates to the entire system or the database, this will allow usage of the platform when updates are in progress. If a community has not yet been migrated from an update the community will be unusable until the community has completed it's migration.
Community Creation
  • Creating a community would be unreliable and not create the community
Discord Webhook Logging Editor
  • Fixed the reliability of Discord Webhook logging data to be consistent to what the data standard is
Community Toolbar
  • Header links with the community toolbar would only show on the "Dashboard" page

v0.5.20 (Beta) 12/12/2022

Several new changes have been added to the forum system;
  • Improved UI
    • Forum Category Topics Table
    • Usernames within the Forum System will show with community name and identifier format as well as their primary rank if assigned
    • Several other UI improvements
  • Topic Reply Editing
    • You can now edit your own topic replies
Discord Webhooks
  • Webhook settings would not save depending on various authentication variables
Department Editor
  • Department Default Permissions would cause the editor to be unusable and causing data to not be saved if certain conditions were met
Custom Forms
  • Saving a edited submitted form would not complete and would just cause the client to hang without any notification or error
Delete Topics permission section for forum category's has been moved to Manage Topics allowing that same permission section to handle topic deletion, pinning and locking. Delete Topics -> Manage Topics

v0.5.19 (Beta) 12/6/2022

A new Forum System has been implemented; allows communities to create categories that can be used across multiple or individual custom pages in the form of a custom page section. Each category can have topics created within them, each topic can be removed and replied to. Permissions to create and manage topics/replies is handled by the forum category.
Form Stage Actions
  • Using both the "Modify Submitter's Community Status" and "Change Submitter's Department/Rank" stage actions on the same stage would cause data to be overwritten when each of them would execute.
  • Permissions viewing drive files would cause the data returned to be inconsistent with the data that should be returned.
Community Creation with Templates
  • Creating a community from a template that's data would cause the community to be over limits would cause none of the template to apply.
  • Viewing a roster would cause none of the roster data rows to populate.
Accounts Viewer
  • When viewing all of the user accounts in the community and changing the status filter to BANNED would not populate the user accounts table with the correct users.

v0.5.18 (Beta) 11/17/2022

  • Cosmetic
    • You can now add a community "banner" image, currently this banner image only displays with the notification message sent with bumping your community for discovery.
  • Bumping
    • Bumping your community will now include your community's banner image upon bump. If no banner image is set it won't include any image.
  • Page Elements
    • Two new page elements have been added, Button and Button Group. Both these elements can be added to any custom page. Each button's functionality and style can be configured to fit your needs. Buttons can target to a external website, custom form and custom page.
  • Clicking community cards to open up the community modal would not be possible unless you click the image or text on the card. The whole card should be clickable.
  • Clicking a community card would display a modal with additional community information and options to join, this would not include the image.
  • Performance
    • Several improvements have been implemented to decrease any issues with performance regarding permission management of departments.

v0.5.17 (Beta) 11/14/2022

  • Editing Files
    • An issue which would cause files to not be edited within the member editing page but would still allow edits through the public-sided edit file page.
  • Editor
    • An issue which would cause the webhook input editor to not load fully or at all.
  • Webhooks Executing
    • An issue which would causing the Calendar Creation webhook to not execute at all.
  • Bump System
    • An issue which would cause the Discord advertisement webhook message to include various programmatic types within the message such as '[object Object]' & 'undefined'.
  • Forms
    • An issue which would cause individuals to be unable to submit forms directly onto another user's profile to attach it to their profile.
  • Column Types
    • Community Identifier row columns would not populate with a user's primary identifier properly unless the conditions which very specific.
  • Status Modifier
    • An issue which would cause the stage action to change community status to not execute properly unless the individual was active within the community from the start.
  • User Interface
    • Equal sizing has been applied to all community discovery cards
    • Each community has been moved to a dedicated modal upon click to provide additional information prior to the community
Application User Interface
  • Various aspects of the Sonoran CMS has seen UI improvements

v0.5.16 (Beta) 11/7/2022

    • Allows your community to be bumped to the top of the Community Discovery list.
      • Every 20 hours!
      • Bumping will automatically advertise your community to the thousands of users in the Sonoran Software Systems LLC's Official Discord!
  • Tags Categorization
    • Categorization your community with up to 5 predefined tags!
      • Select up to 3 tags with Sonoran CMS Free - Plus
      • Select up to 5 tags with Sonoran CMS Pro / Sonoran One

v0.5.15 (Beta) 11/3/2022

The Community Discovery Portal brings more members to communities by streamlining the joining process for your community. Joining a community through the discovery portal will automatically prompt them with the community's new member application. Advertise your community to the thousands of users using Sonoran CMS!
Default Department Permissions applies the same set of permissions to all ranks within the department to easily manage permissions.
Easily remove form submissions from y our community with the newly added "Admin Form Delete". This will remove the form from any data selection, this will now be accounted for when calculating patrol log hours, submissions, etc.
Community Deletion
  • Communities were unable to be deleted, they will now process the deletion request properly.

v0.5.14 (Beta) 10/26/2022

Profile Fields allow communities to put direct information onto member's profiles that can be restricted to certain viewers, editors, etc. with rank permissions. Profile Fields are dynamically on profiles depending on what ranks the profile you're viewing holds.
Department Editor
  • Duplicating departments would not regenerate the IDs associated with the ranks in the new department which would cause the same ID to be associated by more than one rank.
Community Profile
  • Submitting forms directly onto a member's profile would cause nothing to happen, it now will process through and allow you to let the profile "owner" to be able to see the form on their profile.

v0.5.13 (Beta) 10/17/2022

    • Files can now be accessible by anyone on the internet by a share link.
    • A new "General Access" option has been added, "Anyone with this link".
    • This will allow anyone to view and/or edit the file through the link given from the "Copy Link" button on the Share Settings dialog.
  • Custom Action: Modify Submitter's Community Status
    • This new action will do any of the following upon a form changing to a stage with this action:
      • Set Submitter to Pending
      • Set Submitter to Active
      • Kick Submitter from Community
      • Ban Submitter from Community
  • Fixed an issue that would cause subscriptions to not update on the backend.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a secondary row would cause ranks to not populate in the dropdowns properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar would not show on custom domains.

v0.5.12 (Beta) 9/29/2022

    • The Share Settings for each drive item has been overhauled, this shows all ranks that have access and some general share types.
    • There's now a "Ranks with Access Permissions", this will allow all listed ranks to have either edit or view access. This will grant them access regardless of what General Access is set to. This also has a "Inherit Parent Folder Access Permissions" option, this will only show for non-root items and this will inherit the parent folder's access permissions to determine with the drive items existing access permissions.
    • There's now several General Access types:
      • Restricted - Only utilizes "Ranks with All Drive Access" and "Ranks with Access Permissions"
      • Active members with this link - Allows all users that are active within your community to access the drive item, you can also control if they see the drive item in their drive or if they can only access through the share link.
      • Active & pending members with this link - Allows all users within your community to access the drive item, you can also control if they see the drive item in their drive or if they can only access through the share link.
      • Inherit Parent Folder General Access - This will inherit one of the above options depending on what the parent folder is currently set to.
    • The following are the now deprecated share types each drive item had and how they were migrated to the new settings:
      • PRIVATE
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Restricted General Access share type.
      • UNLISTED
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Active members with this link General Access share type with it hidden in the drive.
      • PUBLIC
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Active & pending members with this link General Access share type with it showing in the drive.
        • All drive items with this share type was migrated to Inherit Parent Folder General Access General Access share type.
  • Right Click Context Menu
    • The right click context menu is now accessible by clicking the green hamburger button.
Dashboard URL Handling
  • Individual Rosters & Individual sections of the Admin Panel are now direct linkable, you can now copy the link and go directly back to where you were with that link.
Drive Uploading
  • When uploading to a folder it will now upload directly into the folder instead of putting it directly into the root
Form Management
  • WebSocket Error would cause the Form Management panel to be unusable
  • Pagination restricted to only see the first initial 20 forms received from the request, it would not update the pagination settings to get more than what it already got
Drive Uploading
  • ZIP Uploading will set General Access share type to Inherit Parent Folder General AccessDa

v0.5.11 (Beta) 9/19/2022

  • Folders can now have their own Share Type & Permissions associated with them.
    • Right click a folder to manage.
  • A new Share Type was added to Drive items, you can now set items to the Share Type of "Inherit Parent Folder" which will inherit Share Type & Permissions associated with the folder.
Available Forms
  • Forms available to submit based on associated permissions would not populate the table