Toolbar Customization

Customize your community's toolbar within the Sonoran CMS website builder!

Sonoran CMS allows you to customize the top toolbar with buttons to link your users to whatever your community needs.

To customize your community's toolbar head over to the Administrative Panel > Website Builder. From there you can add buttons, dropdowns and community image with various options.

To add a new button or dropdown, you can either click the respective button to add it to the end of your toolbar, or drag-and-drop the button to whatever position within the toolbar you'd like.

If you would like to reorder items in the toolbar, simply drag-and-drop them into their new position.

Each button and drop down option has a label and link associated with it, with these set they will be displayed to all community users.

If you make any changes, it will automatically save.

Privatized pages will not show up in the toolbar or in a dropdown in the toolbar for any user that lacks the required permissions to view them.

Styling & Customization

Header Design

The blue Header Design button opens a menu that will let you customize the group alignment, background color and admin cog setting. You can also drag and drop elements to change the display order.

Button Styling

You can also customize the title, font, color and specific links for any button or dropdown menu. To open the design panel, simply click on any button or dropdown in the Toolbar Customization editor.

With dropdowns, you can also customize not only the styling of the dropdown button itself, but of every option within the dropdown. This is also where you go to add any destination links within the dropdown.

Destination Options

Within any button or dropdown you are give the option to link a variety of different things, from another page in the community, to external pages, to documents in your community's drive to management panels and more!

In the design panel of any button, you can customize where said button links to by clicking on the Target tab in the design panel

To add options to a dropdown menu, simply click the green plus button in the Options tab of the design panel.

From here, you can select the destination of the link using the chain icon:

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