Inviting Users

Invite your community members to join your community, and grant them access.

Manually Join with a Community ID

Users can create an account, and click the blue "Join" button on the main page. There they can enter your community ID in the "Join a Community" popup, and click search. Once the search has finished, they can then click "Login" to join your community. From there, users can select your community card in the "My Communities" section to log into your CMS.

Join Community with a URL

All communities are given a free vanity URL which can be used to access the community directly. To join a community using this URL, users can simply navigate to that page where they will be prompted to either login and/or join the community.

Communities with a Pro subscription also have the ability to set their own custom domain which users can use to join. You can set your custom domain or find your vanity URL by going to Administration Panel > Custom Domain.

Alternatively, if they know the community ID, users can join a community by navigating to <communityid> as this is the format used by the vanity URL.

Forgot your community ID?

You can find this by going to Administration Panel > Limits

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