Growth Panel

Track performance with in-depth community metrics.

Community metrics are limited to the last 24 hours on free and standard plans.

Full metric history is available with the pro version of Sonoran CMS.

Community Leaderboard

The leaderboard at the top of the growth panel displays your global rankings compared to other CMS communities.

These placements are used to rank your community in the discovery page, helping to drive new users to your community!

Community Metrics

The metrics panel offers historical metrics and performance graphs for your community. This allows administrators to easily track their community's growth, decline, or stagnation.

  • New Members

    • Number of new members joining the community

  • Lost Members

    • Number of members that left the community

  • Active Members

    • Unique user visitors per day

  • Form Submissions

    • Number of new form submissions on each custom form

  • Website Views

    • Number of unique visitors per day on each custom webpage

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