Expert Installation

Having trouble configuring your in-game plugins? Have one of our team members install your resources for you!

What is expert installation?

Our support agents are available 7 days/week to help install and configure all of your Sonoran CAD, CMS, and Radio plugins on your Windows server!

Expert installation is a one-time payment of $34.99 and covers THREE (3) non-transferable installation credits. These credits can be used for:

  • Sonoran CAD - Framework and Plugin Installation

  • Sonoran CMS - Addon Installation

  • Sonoran Radio - In-Game Radio and Addon Installation

How do I purchase expert installation?

For free:

Expert installation is offered to Sonoran Servers customers for free!

At checkout:

When purchasing a new subscription for Sonoran CAD, CMS, or Radio; click Add on the Expert Installation option under Add to your order on the checkout page.

In the billing portal:

In the CMS billing portal, select New Subscription > Expert Installation

Requirements for Installation

  • Windows VPS or Dedicated Server

  • Windows RDP Access (shared with support agent)

  • Sonoran CAD, CMS, or Radio subscription


Can I redeem another product installation at a later date?

Yes! Your purchase is valid for three installation credits. You could have the agent install and configure CAD plugins and install CMS plugins at a later date.

The support agent has installed my plugins, what's next?

pageFree Plugin Installation - Next Steps

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