Image Gallery

The Sonoran CMS Gallery System completely replaces the need for any other gallery application for your community!

The Sonoran CMS Gallery System is a custom page element allowing you to create and organize your gallery(s) to fit the needs of your community. Easily add Gallery Categories to any custom page, create or use existing categories across multiple pages. Each category has the ability to manage permissions to Upload, with more coming soon.

To create a Gallery Category navigate to the Website Builder located at Administrative Panel > Website Builder. Once you've located the editor, add a Gallery section to your custom page.

Now that you added a Gallery section you can select from existing Gallery Categories or create a new one. If you're looking to create a category, simply click the blue CREATE button. This will display a popup with various inputs, fill in the category label and select the permission preferences that apply. Once the category fits the needs that you like click the green outline SAVE button.

Once you have saved the Custom Page you can now view the page with the Gallery element added.

Creating a Gallery Post

To create a gallery post simply click the orange "Upload a New Photo" button located at the top of the Gallery post list, this will display a gallery post creation dialog. Fill in the appropriate information for the post you're wanting to create. Once the post information suffices your needs simply click the green SUBMIT button to create the post. Once it's created it'll automatically add it to the gallery view.

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