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Looking for a server host for your community? Check out our official server hosting for your gaming community!

We've configured, built, and collocated our hardware to provide clients with our reliable performance and exceptional customer support experience.

Looking to host your next gaming server? Sonoran Servers has you covered!

Check out our competitive pricing, features, and get to know more about our team.

30-100% Off Sonoran Software

Sonoran Servers customers are eligible to receive 30-100% off their CMS subscription every month with the purchase of a qualified Windows Server Product.

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Five PD - Free Installation

We've partnered up with GTA Police Mods to be the official hosting provider of FivePD. Sonoran Servers customers are also eligible to receive free FivePD installation with the purchase of a Windows Server Product.‌

Learn more about our free Five PD installation!

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