API ID System

Setting your account's API ID allows your account to be easily used with the public API.

Changing Your Global Account's API ID Settings

1. Navigate to Account Profile

Select Community Profile in the dropdown below your username.

2. Open API ID Settings

Click Settings under profile view

3. Enter API ID Details

Input the ID you're wanting to save and set the nickname for it

4. Add API ID & Save

Click the blue "ADD API ID" button and click the green "SAVE API IDS" button at the top to save it in the backend.

Changing Your Community Account's API ID Settings

1. Open Settings

From the main Sonoran CMS community Dashboard view, select "Settings" at the bottom of the left menu

2. Select your API ID Preferences

Select the drop-down for API ID preferences and select your preference

3. Add API ID's

Depending on your preferences you can add more API IDs that are specifically only on your community account.

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