Adding Ranks

You can enable role syncing with TeamSpeak after setting up the connection by checking the Enable Role Sync button on the TeamSpeak 3 Integration Admin Page.

Adding a Rank

Steps for adding a rank that is associated with a group on your TeamSpeak server:
  1. 1.
    Click the Add Mapping button on the CMS admin panel
  1. 2.
    Select the CMS department and rank you'd like to use in the dropdown that just appeared
  1. 3.
    Input the TeamSpeak group permanent ID into the TeamSpeak Group ID input
    • A TeamSpeak's group ID can be found by hovering over it in the permission editor
    • Additionally, if you have Sonoran Radio installed you can also follow this guide
Repeat this for all ranks you'd like to map to a TeamSpeak Group
Once you've setup the rank mapping, you can save by clicking Save Integration Settings. This will automatically sync everyone who has their TeamSpeak setup

Setting up Your Users

For users in your community to benefit from this feature, they must setup their TeamSpeak UID after you've setup your connection. Check out this guide for adding your UID to CMS: