Community Branding and Settings

Customize your community's settings, branding, information, and more!

Branding Removal

Looking to remove Sonoran CMS branding on your website?

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Community Information

The admin customization info section allows you to customize your community's image, name, and more! These settings can be found by navigating to Administrative Panel > Customization

Community Logo

A link to your community's logo.

This will be displayed on your community card, community dashboard, and more!

Banner Image

A link to your community's banner image. This will be displayed primarily through Community Discovery advertisement notifications.

Community Name

This is your community's name.

This will be displayed on your community card and community dashboard.

Community Subtitle

This is the text displayed below your community name on your community card.

Community Description

This is the text displayed on your community dashboard.


This is a link to your community website, to be displayed on the community dashboard.


This is a link to your community discord, to be displayed on the community dashboard.

Name & Identifier Format

This is the format that your community users will be displayed as, for example on their profile.

Admin Icon will display a cog icon next to a user's Notification Center icon in the top right of the toolbar.

Community ID and Vanity URL

Custom community IDs require the Standard version of Sonoran CMS or higher. For more information, see our pricing or view how to check your community limits.

Looking to change your community ID? Navigate to Administrative Panel > Limits Click the "Change Community ID" button and enter your new community ID.

Community IDs also customize your vanity URL.

Community Name Customization

Sonoran CMS allows you to set whether your member's can customize their community name or not, within the Customization editor there's a misc. setting to allow and disallow members customizing their community name.

To change this setting, click Name Customizations in the General tab.

Within the Name Customizations tab, you can click the icon underneath where it says "Allow Members to Customize Name" to toggle whether or not members can freely change their name or not.

Members can customize their community names, if enabled, in their profile. And by clicking their name or the blue pencil icon next to it, it will then prompt to modify their community name.

Naming Format

In the Name Customizations menu, you can also set the automatic naming format for your community. The naming format determines how a user's name is displayed in the community (e.g. on their profile, form submissions, etc.).

In the above image, you can see that the name is displayed on the profile as John Doe | 1A. In this case, the user's Community Name is set as John Doe, and this user has an Identifier of 1A. To display those together like this, you would set the naming format to {comName} | {identifier}.

Keep in mind that this is just an example, you can change the naming format to include whatever other text you'd like to input, though as of now Community Name, Identifier, and Unique ID are the only things it can automatically draw from.

User InformationNaming Format Variable

Community Name




Unique ID


Discord Name Sync

With the Sonoran Bot integration, you can enforce your CMS name format in your Discord Guild(s)!

Member On Join Settings

Sonoran CMS allows you to customize whether a user's community status is active or pending when they initially join. If you select for users to join as "ACTIVE" then you'll have the option to choose a rank in which they'll automatically be granted upon join.

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