Branding Removal

Make your Sonoran CMS website fully branded to your community! Learn more about branding removal.

What is Branding Removal?

Branding removal is included with the CMS Standard plan ($9.99/mo). This helps make your community website look professional, without the branding included on the free plan.

In-App Branding

Branding removal hides the "Powered by Sonoran CMS" in your website's bottom footer.

Browser Tab Favicon

Branding removal customizes your browser tab favicon to your community logo set in your customization settings.

Browser Tab Title

Website page names are formatted as Title | Sonoran CMS Branding removal takes away the | Sonoran CMS at the end of it.

Vanity URL or Custom Domain

Customize your community ID for a nicer vanity URL

Or, use your own fully-custom domain with the Pro plan!

Social Page Embeds

Anyone can customize their website embeds for social platforms like Discord.

Branding removal removes the | Sonoran CMS from the embed title.


Custom Form Stage Emails

Custom forms allow communities to send personalized email notifications to their members when stages are changed.

Ex: Moving a Membership Application from Pending to Accepted

The email subject follows a Sonoran CMS | Community Name | Form Updated format. Branding removal takes the Sonoran CMS | out of the subject line.

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