Clock In/Out System

This guide covers the Clock In/Out System in Sonoran CMS.

What is the Timeclock?

Sonoran CMS offers a Clock In/Out system available for all users of Sonoran CMS. The goal of this system is to assist with time-clocking with the "Patrol Log" type custom forms.
Straight out of the box there's no way to utilize the clock in/out times that you've completed and are simply for reference unless a custom form specifically with the "Patrol Log" type is created.
While having a custom form with the form type of "Patrol Log" you can utilize the "Patrol Start/End" column type which will allow you to import clock in/out times straight into the form.
Sonoran CMS - Clock In/Out Component

Using the Clock In/Out Feature

The CMS Permission Clock In & Out must be granted in order for this to be used. The UI will not show if the permissions is not granted.
Using the Clock In/Out feature is easy as clicking the "Clock In" button, doing this will clock you in, giving you the option to clock out after the 60s or cancel the clock in entirely.
Sonoran CMS - Clock In View
Once the "Clock Out" button is available to be used and when you're ready to clock out all you need to do is click the "Clock Out" button. After clocking out it'll show when you clocked out and will give you the option to clock back in if you do choose.
Sonoran CMS - Clock Out View

Viewing Clock In/Out History

You can view your entire clock in/out history through your community profile located on the left side menu.
Sonoran CMS - Community Profile