Modify Users Permissions & Information
Now you're ready to modify your users that have joined your community. Follow the guide below!
Make sure that you've viewed the Creating Departments guide and have created at least one department prior to modifying user permissions.

Navigate to the Accounts Panel

Administrative Panel > Accounts

Within this "Accounts Panel" is where you'll be able to see every user that has joined your community. From here you can click each row to edit their information and permissions.
Administrative Accounts Panel - Utilize this panel to edit and view all users information.

Editing Account Information

If you would like to simply edit a user's account information just left-click a user's row on the User Accounts table. Doing so will bring up a dialog that will allow you to modify a user's account information by setting their Primary Department, Identifier, etc. Setting a user's Primary Rank and/or Additional Rank(s) will assign the individual the permissions and power associated with those rank(s).
When assigning someone secondary identifier(s) you must press enter while in the input to add the identifier.
In order for permissions to be used the user must have a "System Status" of ACTIVE. Assigning a user's account "System Status" to pending will revoke all the user's permissions and limit their access to your community's CMS.
Administrative Accounts Panel - Account Information Dialog

Alternate User Accounts Table Actions

Instead of left-clicking a user's row you can right-click which will prompt you with two actions:
  • "Edit Account Information" which will pop up with the above dialog
  • "View Member Profile" will redirect you to the user's community profile which will provide more information.
Administrative Accounts Panel - Account Information Right Click Prompt
User's Community Profile - Redirected from the "View Member Profile" prompt from above
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