Creating Custom Rosters
Is it time for you to start creating custom rosters for your community? Follow this page for more information!

Accessing the Roster Editor

Administrative Panel > Customization > Custom Roster Editor

Within this "Custom Roster Editor" panel you'll be able to create custom rosters with whatever columns you please. You can specify some of the columns to utilize the custom column types that are in place such as the:
  • "Patrol Log Hours" column type requires a custom form to be created that is a "form type" of "Patrol Log".
    • This column type will automatically calculate hours based on form submissions from a specific time till the current time.
Ensure that you select the Patrol Log form from the "Available Patrol Logs" dropdown and ensure to input the date/time in the "Calculate Hours From" input.
  • "Status Selector" column type inputs statuses directly from the statuses specified in the Administrative Panel > Customization > Customization.
  • "Mod Only" and/or "Admin Only" custom column types allow you to specify if a column is restricted to moderators or administrators only.
Administrative Panel Custom Roster Editor - Create Custom Rosters with Custom Column Configurations
Whenever you create new custom rosters you will need to explicitly give ranks permissions to the new custom roster to be used by other individuals. This can be done in the Department Manager.
If a user has permission to a specific roster they'll be able to access it on the left side menu under the "Rosters" dropdown.
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Accessing the Roster Editor