Admin Managing Forms

Sonoran CMS's Form system allows you to grant individual user's permission to delete forms of the same template type.
The "Admin Form Delete" permission granted under the "Forms" permission section allows users to delete and manage deleted forms. Once a form is "deleted" it will no longer be recognized in the system as "valid", these "deleted" forms are filtered separately from all other forms.
Admin Form Delete is a separate permission for each form template, this is not a global permission for all forms.
Sonoran CMS - Form Management - Deleted Forms Filter
Deleting & Managing Deleted Forms is all handled through the Form Management Panel, simply manage a form by right clicking the form's row in the table. This will allow you to either Delete or Undo Delete a form depending on what state is currently is in.
If a "Patrol Log" type of form is deleted it will no longer be calculated with the rest of the "patrol logs" for hour calculation.