Managing Rank Permissions
This guide covers managing rank permissions within departments in Sonoran CMS.

What is the CMS Rank System?

Managing Rank Permissions can be a pain when you have several departments that all require several forms, rosters, etc. With Sonoran CMS, we've made improvements to make your life a little easier when managing permissions on ranks.

Duplicating Ranks & Departments

By allowing users to duplicate an entire department or a single rank, it will make creating and managing departments much easier. Duplicating a whole department will allow you to edit a department before you save the duplicated department. If you do not want to duplicate an entire department and just need to add more ranks to a department, you can duplicate a rank by hitting the orange outlined button next to the move buttons on a rank.
Sonoran CMS's Duplicate Department Feature
Sonoran CMS's Duplicate & Remove Rank Options

Permission Copy & Paste System

While modifying or even creating ranks, you'll want to share permissions across them; you can easily copy and paste permissions across ranks by right-clicking the header permission (ex. "CMS Permissions," "Roster Permissions," etc.) if you want to copy and paste specific roster, form or calendar permissions you can right-click the label of the roster, form, calendar, etc.
Sonoran CMS's Copy & Paste System - Copying All Applicatin Permissions
Sonoran CMS's Copy & Paste System - Copying "Los Santos Police Department Roster" Permissions