Community Discovery

Community Discovery allows users to find communities actively using Sonoran CMS! Advertise your community to thousands of users using Sonoran CMS!

Discovering and joining new communities is made simple with Sonoran CMS, when joining a community through the discovery portal you'll be greeted with the community's new member application, this will allow you to be streamlined into community's application process!

Not all communities will have the default new member application form set, if none is set you will be redirected to the community's dashboard upon join.

Configuring Community Discovery

To begin setting up community discovery, locate the Administrative Panel > Customization. From here, click on the Community Discovery tab along the left-hand menu.

Once enabled your community will be shown to the thousands of users that use Sonoran CMS through the Community Discovery portal. You can set a "New Member Application" form to be automatically shown when a user joins your community through the discovery portal, as well as provide links to your community's website and Discord server.

You can also set predefined tags that better categories your community for community discovery.

Community Discovery Bump System

Head to your community customization settings located at Administrative Panel > Customization. From here, click on the Discovery tab along the top menu bar.

If enabled, you can bump your community's discoverability every twenty (20) hours. You can bump your community by clicking the blue Bump Discovery button. Bumping your community will put your community at the top of the Community Discovery list.

Bumping your community will also send a predefined community advertisement in the #advertise-here channel in the Sonoran Software Systems LLC's Official Discord server.

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