Easily manage in-game vehicles with the CMS QB Core management panel!

Switch Between Live and DB Vehicles

You can switch to view only live vehicles active in the server, or all vehicles in the database at the top right.

Add a Vehicle

Selecting Add Vehicle at the top right allows you to create a new vehicle and assign it's ownership to a player.

Manage a Vehicle

Select any vehicle to modify it's information, transfer ownership, repair it, or delete it from the server.

Supported Garage Scripts

Currently, Sonoran CMS supports the following QB Core garage scripts:

  • QB (Base) Garages

  • Codesign Garage

  • Quasar Advanced Garages

  • JG Advanced Garages

You can suggest more integrations on our support portal or if you would like to add the support yourself, simply paste this code snippet in any SERVER-sided file in your garage resource.

local function getAllGarages()
    local garages = {}
    for k, v in pairs(Config.Garages) do
        garages[#garages+1] = {
            name = k,
            label = v.label,
            type = v.type,
            takeVehicle = v.takeVehicle,
            putVehicle = v.putVehicle,
            spawnPoint = v.spawnPoint,
            showBlip = v.showBlip,
            blipName = v.blipName,
            blipNumber = v.blipNumber,
            blipColor = v.blipColor,
            vehicle = v.vehicle
    return garages
exports('getAllGarages', getAllGarages)

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