Easily set the weather and time in your server, directly from CMS!

Manage Weather

Here you can set the current weather on your server. Open the dropdown menu and choose from 15 different weather options! You can also toggle Freeze and Blackout on the side.

Freeze forces the weather to stay as what you set it to, if toggled, it will not change on its own.

Blackout simulates a power outage, and all buildings will show as if they don't have electricity.

Manage Time

You can also set the time to any time of day using the time selector. You can also toggle Freeze which locks the time to whatever you've set it to.

Weather Flickering Issue

Sometimes, having CMS installed can cause an issue where the weather and time in the server seem to rapidly "flicker". This occurs when another resource is also trying to manage weather.

If you are encountering this issue and would like to disable CMS's weather management, then please set Config.EnableWeatherSync to false in the resource's config.lua.

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