Sonoran CMS manages your QB Core server for free!

Video Tutorial

1. Install the CMS Core Framework

The QB Core management panel will help walk you through each step.

Download the CMS Core. This download will already have the config filled with your Community ID (or UUID) and API Key.

2. Configure the Core

Once installed, the config.lua will configure your Community ID (or UUID) and your API key. It is recommended to keep all remaining config options with their default values.

3. Configure your Server

In your server.cfg file, add the following lines to run the CMS core resource and grant permissions to the auto-updater.

ensure sonorancms
# permissions for SonoranCMS auto-updater (REQUIRED)
add_ace resource.sonorancms command allow
add_ace resource.sonorancms_updatehelper command allow

4. Configure the Panel

Select Edit Servers to include the IP address and port used to direct connect to your server.

5. Grant Permissions

By default, only community owners will have access to the QB Core management panel.

In the Rank Manager, you will need to add the associated permissions under the Server tab.

6. Using the Game Panel

View the next guide below to start using the QB Core game panel.

pageUsing The Game Panel

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