GTA RP Resource Installation

This guide covers the installation process for a general integration resource.

Installing a Resource

This uses the whitelist resource as an example.

1. Download

Download the resource from its repository. These are found under its resource page, like here for the whitelist resource.

2. Extract

All plugins for FiveM require the Core to start.
Extract the resource to your server resources folder in the folder named [sonorancms] that comes with the download of Core so it sits alongside sonorancms & sonorancms_updatehelper.

3. Add resource to server.cfg

Add ensure sonorancms to your server.cfg and restart your server!
It is very important that the sonorancms_updatehelper resource is not started manually. Doing so may cause a server crash if updates are available due to a race condition. DO NOT start the whole [sonorancms] folder as that will also start the sonorancms_updatehelper which might cause crashing if it is started manually. Example of not what to do ensure [sonorancms]