A whitelist system that utilizes Sonoran CMS's game whitelist system.
This resource utilizes API endpoints that require the plus version of Sonoran CMS or higher. For more information, view our pricing page.
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This whitelist resource utilizes Sonoran CMS's to enforce player connections.
Sonoran CMS - Whitelist


1. Download the Core Resource

This resource requires the CMS core for push event handling and API key configuration.

2. Download the Resource

Click here to download the whitelist resource.

3. Install the Resource

Follow the standard resource installation guide for the whitelist resource.

4. Setup Whitelist Permissions

Navigate to the Department Manager within the Administrative Panel.
Administrative Panel > Customization > Department Manager
Sonoran CMS Department Manager
For users in your Sonoran CMS community to be accepted through the whitelist, they'll need to be granted permission for the whitelist through rank permissions.
Granting each rank the permission of Allow Whitelist allows those members through the whitelist.
Granting each rank with the permission of Block Whitelist blockeds users from passing through the whitelist.
Block Whitelist will ALWAYS overrule Allow Whitelist If a user is granted both Block Whitelist and Allow Whitelist through various ranks they will be blocked from the whitelist. Block will always overrule allow.
Sonoran CMS - Department Manger Server Permissions

5. Add your API ID

Ensure all players have added their API ID to the CMS!


Config Option
API Key found in the API Integration section of the Administrative Panel
Community ID found in the API Integration section of the Administrative Panel
Server ID for specific server for this configuration according to the servers in the API Integration section of the Administrative Panel
The identifier type your community uses in the CMS to enter their API IDs. Valid values are: license, steam, or discord.
Default: Change to if using development environment of Sonoran CMS

Reliability Notice

In the event that the CMS API is temporarily unavailable, this resource utilizes a local backup cache. The resource will automatically fall back to the latest saved version of the whitelist, allowing members to join as normal.