Job Sync

A in-game way to utilize Sonoran CMS's clock in/out system.
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This resource is a in-game way of automatically clocking in/out of Sonoran CMS's system.


1. Download the Core Resource

This resource requires the CMS core for push event handling and API key configuration.

2. Download the Resource

Click here to download the clock in resource.

3. Install the Resource

Follow the standard resource installation guide for the clock in resource.

4. Add your API ID

Ensure all players have added their API ID to the CMS!


Config Option
["9dd1fea1-2360-4be2-923b-71b0c87944d0"] = {job = 'police', rank = 2}
true -- If set to true jobs will be cached on the server in-case CMS goes down, the cache will be updated every time the player rejoins, the rank refresh command is run, or has a rank change in CMS Footer

Getting Rank UUIDs

1. Open Department Configuration Page

2. Select the Rank

3. Copy Rank ID