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Job Sync

A in-game way to utilize Sonoran CMS's roster & rank system to sync your in-game jobs and ranks.
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This resource is a in-game way of automatically syncing jobs and ranks to match roster information in the Sonoran CMS system/community.

Installation / Configuration

With core version v1.4.2 the Job Sync resource was converted to a core module and no longer requires manual installation just configuration.

1. Configure Job Sync Module

Locate the whitelist module within your [sonorancms]/sonorancms/server/modules and open the jobsync_config.json file
Sonoran CMS - In-Game Integration - JobSync Config

2. Set Rank Mappings for Job Sync

Config Option
["9dd1fea1-2360-4be2-923b-71b0c87944d0"] = {job = 'police', rank = 2}
Here you must follow the format shown above to specify rank mappings, the first value ("ranks") is the Rank UUID, followed by what job and rank you would like to set it to. To find the UUID for a given Rank, follow the instructions below.

Getting Rank UUIDs

1. Open Department Configuration Page

Sonoran CMS - Departments & Ranks

2. Open "Rank Settings" Menu

Sonoran CMS - Open Rank Settings Menu

3. Select "Copy Rank ID"

Sonoran CMS - Copy Rank ID