Clock In

A in-game way to utilize Sonoran CMS's clock in/out system.
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This module is a in-game way of automatically* clocking in/out of Sonoran CMS's system.

Installation / Configuration

With core version v1.4.0 the Clock In resource was converted to a core module and no longer requires manual installation just configuration.

1. Configure Clock In Module

Locate the clockin module within your [sonorancms]/sonorancms/server/modules and open the clockin_config.json file


Config Option
Registers the specified command that allows you to toggle clock in/out.
If enableCommand is true, this will be the registered command to toggle clock in/out.
If enableCommand is true, this will enable ace permissions for the specific command, must give command.whateverTheCommandIs
Enables qbcore integration
Will automatically clock in/out the player's Sonoran CMS account with they clock in/out of a job with the name in the array of autoClockInJobs

2. Add your API ID

Ensure all players have added their API ID to the CMS!