Ace Permission Sync

Manage in-game player permissions right from the CMS!
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This resource manages player's in-game permissions right from the CMS!
Sonoran CMS - ACE Permission Sync


1. Download the Core Resource

This resource requires the CMS core for push event handling and API key configuration.

2. Download the Ace Permission Sync Resource

Click here to download the sync resource.

3. Install the Resource

Follow the standard resource installation guide which uses the whitelist resource as an example.
Placing it inside the [sonorancms] alongside sonorancms & sonorancms_updatehelper.

4. Grant Resource Permissions

Add the following to your server.cfg (if you don't permissions won't be able to be granted)
add_ace resource.sonorancms_ace_perms command allow

5. Add your API ID

Ensure all players have added their API ID to the CMS!


Config Option
Default: license2 Controls which type of API ID is used by the script. Options: fivem, discord, steam, license2, license
Default: true Whether the server should cache permissions in case of CMS backend failure.
A table of rank UUIDs that equal different Ace Permission groups.


Permissions On Join

When a player joins the server, the resource will ask the CMS for the players ranks. ACE permissions will be assigned based on the configuration.

Permissions on Push Event

Due to restrictions in the way that some resources like vMenu are programmed, you must relog for the CMS permissions to take effect if they are altered for a user while they are online.
For communities on the Plus plan or higher, permissions can be synced instantly in-game when ranks are updated.
Simply add your FiveM server's public IP address and at Administrative Panel > Integrations > Sonoran CMS API > Servers.
Sonoran CMS - API Integration Servers Tab

Manual Sync

Due to restrictions in the way that some resources like vMenu are programmed, you must relog for the CMS permissions to take effect if they are altered for a user while they are online.
Individual players can run the /refreshpermissionscommand in-game to force a permissions update.

Getting Rank UUIDs

1. Open Department Configuration Page

Sonoran CMS - Departments & Ranks

2. Open "Rank Settings" Menu

Sonoran CMS - Open Rank Settings Menu

3. Select "Copy Rank ID"

Sonoran CMS - Copy Rank ID

Example Configuration


Config = {}
-- General Configuration Section --
Config.configuration_version = 1.0
Config.primary_identifier = "license2" -- The primary identifier to use, options are: license, fivem, steam, discord
Config.rank_mapping = {
["9dd1fea1-2360-4be2-923b-71b0c87944d0"] = "group.admin", -- Admins
["93d1aea6-2340-6b32-923b-71b7c857eaf0"] = "group.mod", -- Moderators
["94f3faef-2340-6b41-931f-73fca343fbe0"] = "group.policesup", -- Police Department Supervisors
["45334fae-4532-4f42-feab-71bffea43450"] = "group.police", -- Police Department Officers
Config.offline_cache = true -- If set to true role permissions will be cached on the server in-case CMS goes down, the
-- cache will be updated everytime the player rejoins, the rank refresh command is run, or has a rank change in CMS


This example is just an example of how you may setup ace permissions and it is unlikely to work just copy and pasted.
### Ace Permissions
## Inheritance
add_principal group.admin group.mod
add_principal group.policesup group.police
## Permissions
add_ace group.admin command allow
add_ace group.mod admin.kick allow
add_ace group.policesup police.supcar allow
add_ace group.police allow

Reliability Notice

In the event that the CMS API is temporarily unavailable, this resource utilizes a local backup cache. The resource will automatically fall back to the latest saved version of the permissions list, allowing members to access permissions as normal.
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