Permissions Synchronization

Sync your Discord roles with SonoranCMS permissions!

Getting Started

By default, only Administrators of the Discord guild can access the commands below. These can be changed in the Settings menu of the server.

1. Discord SSO Linking

Users must link their Discord to their Sonoran account. This will also automatically add their Discord API ID.

Enable Discord Sync

  • In the Administration panel select Advanced -> API Integration
  • Toggle the Discord Bot Integration box
Sonoran CMS - Enable Discord Bot
Once enabled in the CMS, users who do not yet have their Discord account linked with their Sonoran account will see the following banner:
Sonoran CMS - Link Your Discord Account

2. Role Mapping

The command /rolemap can now be used.
The following image is when a CMS mode is selected.
Options when set to To CMS or Bi Directional CMS
Select a department, rank you wish to modify, and the role you wish to apply to the rank.
The "Set Department-wide Role" button will automatically assign the Department (in this example, Community Leadership) to anyone with the role you select.
Click "Select Roles"
Use the left and right arrows to page if you have more than 25 roles.
The "Staff Role" will get the rank "Director" in the CMS.
This is only an example! At any time, you can change the dropdowns to select another Department or Rank.

Role Syncing

Unlike the CAD sync mode, users will not use the /linkme command - this is handled within the Sonoran Account SSO.
After setting up the above, the command /syncroles will set up everyone's permissions.